Cryptopedia & News Crypto Media & adminblog Cryptopedia & News Crypto Media & adminblog en Copyright 2023 Cryptopedia & All Rights Reserved. For Easy decentralized derivatives trading, ApeX Protocol launches a Telegram bot. Launching the ApeX Bot, the first L2 DEX Telegram (TG) bot geared toward derivatives trading within a decentralized framework, was a significant milestone for the leading crypto derivatives DEX, ApeX Protocol. Its revolutionary Bot Key solution, created internally by the ApeX team, is its most notable feature. Innovative technology acts as a strong defense mechanism, reducing the significant risks frequently associated with user fund thefts and hacks common with centralized alternatives. ApeX is launching a referral campaign with a $30,000 USDC prize pool to commemorate its Telegram launch.

Security and self-control are provided by the ApeX Telegram Bot.

With over $190 million worth of trading activity recently, crypto TG bots have seen significant growth. Nevertheless, despite their widespread use, these bots do face some difficulties, for example. g. because of their centralized organization and constrained functionality. With a strong emphasis on user fund security, ApeX Bot aims to allay these worries by employing a decentralized strategy.

The ApeX Bot gives users complete control over their holdings, in contrast to other TG cryptocurrency bots that do not permit users to maintain custody of their assets. With the help of the Bot Key solution, ApeX's novel decentralized model reduces the risks associated with centralized alternatives while granting users greater security.

ApeX Bot distinguishes itself from the competition by providing users with a number of features, making it the first-ever L2 DEX bot to support derivatives trading.

Testnet: Easily test platform features and get step-by-step instructions.

Easily test platform features and get detailed instructions. The ApeX desktop and mobile applications can seamlessly sync your login status.

Your login status will automatically sync between ApeX desktop and mobile. Trading: It's simple to select markets, place orders, and track Pandamp in real-time.

Simple order placement, market selection, and real-time P&L monitoring Position Management: Effortlessly close positions, monitor P&L, and check balances.

Check balances, close positions, and monitor P&L easily. Referral System: 30,000 USDC Up For Grabs In Trade Bounty Claims With Streamlined Management Of Referral Codes, Links, And Links.

By referring friends and communities who are brand-new to ApeX Pro using the ApeX Bot, users have the chance to earn USDC rewards in honor of the ApeX Bot's debut. Every referral made through a special invitation link is eligible for rewarding incentives. For more information, please visit the ApeX Protocol blog.

The trading bot developed by ApeX Protocol has a long-term roadmap. The integration of trading signals, which will provide users with insightful market data and support for copy trading functionality, will be among the upcoming improvements. Users will also be able to directly replicate trades through the ApeX Bot on Telegram.

Tekla I, head of business development at ApeX Protocol, stated that ApeX continues to innovate and lead in the crypto trading space, and the introduction of the ApeX Bot marks yet another milestone in its commitment to providing users with the best trading tools and experiences.".

On ApeX Pro.

ApeX Pro is a non-custodial trading platform that provides limitless cross-margined perpetual contracts to its metacommunity within a new social trading framework. With its order book model, it is ready to deliver unrestricted access to the perpetual swaps market, staying true to its commitment to promises of not just speed and efficiency but also security and transparency on traders' preferred derivatives trading assets.


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The Nomic Bridge paves the way for Bitcoin's smooth integration into the Cosmos ecosystem. The Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem will soon make the leading cryptocurrency universally accessible" thanks to a planned upgrade scheduled for October, according to non-custodial Bitcoin (BTC) bridge Nomic. 27.

In the absence of a decentralized way to incorporate Bitcoin into its ecosystem, Cosmos, a well-known blockchain network with a market capitalization of over $21 billion, faces a significant problem.

This problem is solved by Nomic using nBTC, an IBC-compliant token linked to the most valuable digital asset. In order to enable a seamless and interoperable Bitcoin experience within the Cosmos ecosystem, a cross-chain bridge called the nBTC Interchain Upgrade is planned.

According to details provided to CryptoSlate, this upgrade will give users the ability to carry out Bitcoin transactions across the Cosmos network.

Nomic's nBTC will also make its debut on Osmosis, the top decentralized exchange on Cosmos. By doing this, users of the Osmosis Zone app will be able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin.

The long-standing problem of moving Bitcoin from its native chain to another blockchain has been addressed by Nomic, according to Sunny Aggarwal, a co-founder of Osmosis.

He emphasized that the introduction of Nomic Bitcoin would enable a mutually beneficial relationship between the two ecosystems, noting that while Cosmos gains from having a foundational asset for value storage, Bitcoin needs a DeFi ecosystem.

The widely used Cosmos applications Kujira and Levana will also support Nomic's nBTC.

The DAO will receive the Nomic bridge.

In order to ensure the bridge's security before the upgrade, Turbofish, a key contributor to Nomic, disclosed that the bridge was undergoing an audit.

The management of the bridge's capacity and fees will be transferred to Nomic DAO, according to plans provided by Turbofish. The DAO will now have the authority to control the BTC capacity caps, transaction fees, and overall development of the bridge.

Turbofish CEO Matt Bell emphasized in a statement the need for safe and easy access to BTC for the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. Nomic is poised to be the most secure bitcoin bridge available right now, according to Turbofish CEO Matt Bell, with these upcoming upgrades.

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To succeed, according to an investor, Decentralized Science needs business development. Investor Jason Fang of Sora Ventures spoke about the need for business development in decentralized science at the ResearchHub SciCon 2023 conference.

The longer timeframe for DeSci, also known as decentralized science, investments, according to Fang, is a significant risk. \"I believe our biggest risk is time. As cryptocurrency investors, there are a plethora of opportunities, and generally speaking, the turnover rate is lower for crypto investments than it is for conventional [venture capital] investments, according to Fang.

To turn research into business opportunities, he believes DeSci needs individuals with business development expertise. The DeSci is one of them. The other is the Bitcoin utility, which we have been very bullish on. I believe that traditional businesses, particularly those in traditional industries like healthcare, will see their profits take around 10 years or more to materialize, according to Fang. "That could actually get much shorter than that, maybe two or three years. \".

Timeframes were successfully shortened, according to Fang, by the DeSci startup Molecule. They're getting a lot of the resources properly and more efficiently," he said. They're removing a lot of the bottlenecks, and they're doing it through BD play and community play.". They actually reduced many of their delays, which amounts to more than half of the research's overall lifespan..

In regards to listings on cryptocurrency exchanges, Fang stated, "I guess my goal is also to start working with exchanges in the next couple of months. I'll agree that, hey, these will actually draw a lot of people into the exchange business. So you should start looking to the side immediately.

He thinks that exchange listings could be a significant source of funding for DeSci start-ups. Once you participate in some of the best exchanges, you can essentially turn in. The button where You basically have no funding to a lot of funding," Fang said.

Along with them on the panel were Adam Draper of BoostVC, Joseph Jacks of OSS Capital, and James Brodie of ID Theory.

Others on the panel emphasized the need to develop tools and incentives for scientists. Fang emphasized, however, that business development was crucial to turning innovations into products. The quote, At the end of the day, it's not about who has a better product or who's better; worse, there needs to be an element of B2B play in there," perfectly encapsulated the feeling.


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Here is what you need to know in regards to the Chief of the Bank of Portugal's push for global cryptocurrency regulation. Here is what you need to know in regards to the Chief of the Bank of Portugal's push for global cryptocurrency regulation.

Mário Centeno, the governor of Banco de Portugal, has urged international collaboration to create a global framework for cryptocurrency regulation.

He claims that because of the nature of digital assets—which can result in regulatory arbitrage, opening up opportunities for bad actors to profit—national efforts alone cannot protect investors.

speaking on October 10th at the 2023 Banco de Portugal Financial Stability Conference. Following recent market crashes that resulted in billions of dollars in losses, Centeno praised the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations and criticized some crypto products.

On the MiCA, he praised the strong regulatory system and the way that nations are promoting domestic compliance with the law's requirements.

He advocated for the idea of same risk, same regulation" because the market is still relatively new and he believes in group efforts.

Continuous innovation, a greater reliance on digital platforms, and the emergence of mixed-activity groups are driving the current financial landscape's increasingly rapid evolution. It would be naive to think that regulating and overseeing these international risks and players at the national level will be sufficient. \".

Regulators would need to strike a balance between effective regulations and restricting market innovation, he continued.

Other regulators have called for a global framework where governments can work together to harmonize legislation on a global scale.

The Indian Prime Minister urged the G20 leaders to adopt a framework in accordance with the recommendations from the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this year.

There are some unsustainable" cryptocurrencies.

The bank's CEO demanded global regulation while also pointing out that while crypto assets have some benefits, such as lower costs and international reach, the larger market raises some issues.

The majority of digital assets reached all-time highs during the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued, but have since proven to be unsustainable due to falling prices and project implosions in recent years.

Examples include the Terra network's explosions and the infamous FTX crash, which destroyed billions of dollars' worth of market value and resulted in regulations around the world on bottlenecks.

Crypto-assets and decentralized finance, or DeFi, are two examples of this risk. Although supporters of cryptocurrencies and DeFi claim that their technologies will democratize finance, it is unclear whether this claim will come to pass, especially given how highly technical this industry is.

Last but not least, he made mention of how European regulators have not remained silent, resulting in the ideal fusion of traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi), even though it is unclear whether digital assets will be around for the long term.


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What's Going On With the Strange FTX Token Rocketing Up 5,000% as a Viral New Bitcoin Project Starts Raising Funds? What's Going On With the Strange FTX Token Rocketing Up 5,000% as a Viral New Bitcoin Project Starts Raising Funds?

A strange HairyPlotterFTX (FTX) token has exploded +5,000% overnight, taking aim at the now-disgraced cryptocurrency exchange as Uptober struggles to become a reality.

Built after months of preparation, this new project debuted to coincide with the recent flurry of news surrounding FTX, as now-famous industry poster boy Sam Bankman-Fried faces the fight of his life against a potential 110-year prison sentence.

It is evident that FTX is an on-chain project with commitment thanks to its consistent commitment to project stability, including a zero percent tax, LP locked for 115 years, and contract renouncement. This comes as the fresh-faced meme coin forms a marketing partnership with Brothers Marketing.

Can HairyPlotterFTX maintain a +5,000 percent price move?

HairyPlotterFTX is currently trading at a market price of $0.0003815 (representing a 24-hour change of +600.76 percent) amid the sharp upward movement.

With more than 2440 transactions over the past 24 hours fueling a surge of more than $2 point 18 million in trading volume, the market's intense interest has been the primary driver of the price action's skyrocketing movement.

On October 2, HairyPlotterFTX was only briefly introduced at 13:00 (BST), and it had a slow initial launch, with a price decline of -140 percent in the first three hours of trading.

However, the initial decline resulted in a fantastic entry price, and keen traders flocked to the trade, fueling an initial +1,160 percent pump into October 3.

The real moonshot move, however, occurred on October 3, when multi-million volume swept across the chart, sparking a sensational +150 percent push that increased returns since launch to +5,325 percent.

Buy pressure, which continues to be strong and made up 56 percent of transactions over the previous six hours, paves the way for an impressive extension of the current pump in such a short time frame.

This is demonstrated by the small localized retracement move that occurred on October 3 between 6 and 8 AM, which was quickly consumed by traders as the price surged towards a new ATH.

In other news, BTCMTX, a new Bitcoin mining presale, is piqueing enthusiasts' interest.

With Bitcoin Minetrix's presale, you can start mining bitcoins with a potential 10X return.

A transformation is taking place in the world of bitcoin mining, which was once thought to be dominated by massive corporations with access to cutting-edge technology and deep pockets.

With the help of Bitcoin Minetrix, everyone will be able to participate in this lucrative business instead of just the wealthy.

By using its ground-breaking Stake-to-Mine model to completely rewrite the rules of mining.

In an effort to reduce the use of energy-intensive machinery, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a way for BTCMTX token owners to stake their tokens in exchange for mining credits.

These credits open the door to effective Bitcoin cloud mining, putting the process within everyone's reach while also ensuring its sustainability and security.

Here's Why the Launch of BTCMTX Will Cause It to Collapse.

Bitcoin Minetrix isn't asking for a fortune; instead, they're offering an opportunity with the launch of their initial coin offering, which starts at just $0.011.

an opportunity for investors to take part in a change that may completely alter the Bitcoin mining industry.

Investors are eager to join this mining juggernaut, if the initial numbers are anything to go by—the project raised $115,000 in less than a day after announcing its initial coin offering.

The fact that this is an investment in a concept that combines the best aspects of mining and staking makes it even more compelling because it goes beyond a simple token purchase.

The end result is high APYs and rewards in the form of Bitcoin, all without the usual hurdles of sizable investments and technical expertise.

What Security and Transparency Measures Does BTCMTX Take?

Unfortunately, there have been a fair number of scams in the cryptocurrency world, particularly in the cloud mining industry, and this is where Bitcoin Minetrix differs from the norm.

It not only offers a transparent mining mechanism, but it also gives its investors more power. By giving them complete control over their staked tokens and the freedom to un-stake them whenever they see fit.

There are no secret clauses or small print; just simple staking and mining.

In addition, for those worried about the security of their investment, the Coinsult, a reputable blockchain security entity, meticulously audited the BTCMTX smart contract.

Clean as a whistle, was the conclusion.

In addition to its original idea, Bitcoin Minetrix is notable for its dedication to making Bitcoin mining a global endeavor.

It's shattering entry barriers by requiring just a $10 minimum investment and demonstrating that you don't need millions to join the mining elite.

The Bitcoin Minetrix presale is a route worth taking for those looking to ride the next wave of crypto innovation.

This project, which not only promises returns but also advocates for the democratization of Bitcoin mining, is a true game-changer in every sense of the word in a world where Bitcoin's derivatives are gaining popularity.


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Report Statistics on South Koreans holding cryptocurrency abroad may be inflated. The total value of digital assets held by domestic businesses and individuals through foreign accounts is 131 trillion won ($96 billion), according to the National Tax Service.

The research department of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit found that the amount of overseas digital assets reported by domestic corporations and individuals to the National Tax Service may be inflated. \".

According to Korbit Research Centre, the reported amount's significant value is likely exaggerated during the reporting process to the authorities.

According to the study, foreign businesses are reportedly holding their cryptocurrency assets without being able to sell them, particularly after the 2017 boom in initial coin offerings (ICOs).

According to a local media report, the research arm observed that if the holding amount is evaluated based on the market price created through self-trading, the value is inflated compared to the actual value.".

The total value of digital assets held by domestic businesses and individuals through foreign accounts is 131 trillion won ($96 billion), according to South Korea's National Tax Service.

According to the Korbit Research Center, 73 corporations own 120 trillion won, or 73% of this. It also stated that the 120 trillion won worth of corporate cryptocurrency holdings would be traded at artificially high prices to create a market price.

Even if the corporation's actual holdings of foreign currency are worth one-tenth as much as they are stated to be, that still leaves a total of 12 trillion won. It can never be disregarded.

Participants in the market travel abroad.

According to the research center's analysis, market participants have fled domestically due to regulatory limitations on their ability to track transactions and strictly regulate derivatives.

As a result, people increasingly turn to foreign companies to find services that meet their needs, according to Korbit Research.

No matter how conservatively we consider the size of assets seeking needs that cannot be satisfied domestically, the minimum is 10 trillion won, which can also be seen as a 'national wealth outflow' due to illogical regulations.

The study hypothesizes that domestic investors storing cryptocurrency assets in foreign accounts may be engaging in tax evasion. However, it's unclear whether they would voluntarily inform the National Tax Service of their holdings.


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Lewis, critics argue, fails to present an accurate account of Bankman&Fried and his business. Lewis, critics argue, fails to present an accurate account of Bankman-Fried and his business.

Michael Lewis's latest book on Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced CEO of FTX and Alameda Capital, has been subject to intense criticism after Lewis said in an interview on 60 Minutes that FTX was a "great real business."

"This isn't a Ponzi scheme," Lewis said in the interview. "In this case, they actually had-- a great real business. If no one had ever cast aspersions on the business, if there hadn't been a run on customer deposits, they'd still be sitting there making tons of money."

Lewis, critics argue, fails to present an accurate account of Bankman-Fried and his business. Lewis is the acclaimed financial journalist and author known for his bestsellers inlcuding "Liar's Poker" and "The Big Short." His book on SBF has been highly anticipated.

Bankman-Fried was charged with conspiracy to defraud customers, lenders, and investors of FTX and Alameda Research. He was accused of misappropriating billions of dollars of customer funds, concealing his misuse of funds, and making questionable political contributions to federal candidates.

"Michael Lewis is a great storyteller but he delivers narratives rather than true understanding," wrote investor Ram Ahluwalia on X. "FTX was a money losing business. That led to fraud. FTX was getting arbed by their own clients. An exchange can withstand any run on the bank because deposits are never rehypothecated."

"It's disheartening to witness Michael Lewis, whose work I greatly appreciated during my college years when I aspired to become a trader, portraying Sam Bankman-Fried as a victim in the downfall of FTX, rather than acknowledging him as the one responsible for the mismanagement," tweeted a trader who goes by the X account @TheFlowHorse.

Vance Spencer, of venture capital firm Framework Ventures, tweeted simply, "Michael Lewis is completely full of shit."

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has granted Coinbase a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has granted Coinbase a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license, enabling it to increase the scope of its payment services there. This authorization follows the regulator's in-principle approval of the exchange almost a year prior.

The exchange will be able to offer more of its digital token services to Singaporean people and organizations thanks to the license. The regulator's website states that Coinbase would be able to avoid a number of financial restrictions in the nation, such as a S$3 million monthly transaction cap and a S$5 million daily outstanding money limit, with the help of an MPI license.

According to Coinbase, Singapore is a key market for its business because of its progressive economic strategies and approach to regulation, which are in line with our global mission and objectives. \".

The cryptocurrency exchange also stated that it was ready to invest in and partner with Singapore's local web3 and crypto communities. Coinbase disclosed that its venture arm had invested in more than 15 regional web-related businesses.

Coinbase has joined the ranks of companies with Singapore licenses like, Circle, and thanks to its MPI license.

According to information from Google Finance, Coinbase's COIN stock increased pre-market by more than 5% to $79.26 as a result of the news.

The global reach of Coinbase keeps growing.

In light of the hazy regulatory environment in the U.S., Coinbase's most recent licensing in Singapore is in line with its larger international expansion plans. S.

Paul Grewal, the exchange's chief legal officer, noted that governments all over the world were introducing clearer regulations for the emerging sector. The world, he claimed, is not waiting on the US. \".

As a result, the cryptocurrency exchange has made cooperating with regulators in important nations a priority as part of its global expansion since the year's beginning. As a result of these connections, an international platform was established and given regulatory approval by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) to provide institutional and retail traders with access to its perpetual futures products.

In the meantime, several European nations, including the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and Italy, have granted regulatory approval to Coinbase.


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Few days before the start of the SBF trial, an FTX hacker moves $38 million in ETH. Few days before the start of the SBF trial, an FTX hacker moves $38 million in ETH.

Since becoming active over the weekend, a wallet linked to the FTX exchange hack has moved about $38 million in Ethereum (ETH), just as Sam Bankman-Fried's trial was about to start.

On-chain data reveals that the attacker started operating on September. 30 when it first made a three-transaction transfer of 6,250 ETH, totaling $10,046,000,000, using privacy tools like RailGun and THORChain.

The attacker kept up the transaction pattern on October, according to the Arkham Intelligence dashboard. 1, transferring 12,250 ETH via THORChain in two transactions.

The entire fund movement was verified by renowned blockchain analytics company SpotOnChain. The company claims that 7,749 ETH, worth roughly $13 million, were transferred using the privacy tools Railgun and THORChain. Additionally, the attacker bought 153.4 tBTC at an average price of $27,281 per token in exchange for 2,500 ETH, or about $4.19 million.

Over the course of the weekend, the attacker made a total of seven transfers totaling 22,500 ETH, or $38 million. The first money has moved from the address since the hacking incident last year with these transactions, however.

After declaring bankruptcy, FTX was taken advantage of for about $400 million per day. Since the attacker's identity is still unknown almost a year after the incident, there have been rumors that the hack was an inside job.

The FTX attacker's holdings are causing concern in the community.

Despite these countless transactions, the Arkham Intelligence dashboard shows that the FTX exploiter wallet still contains digital assets with a value of $287 million. Among other assets, the attacker is in possession of 163,249 ETH and 3.9 million USDT.

While this is going on, members of the cryptocurrency community are worried that the FTX attacker transactions could prevent the price of ETH from rising because they would put more selling pressure on the market. The asset has experienced significant growth over the past few days, luring whale purchases.

According to CryptoSlate data, as of the time of publication, the price of ETH increased by 20.5 percent to $1,722 Point 31.


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According to the author of Big Short, Sam Bankman&Fried wanted to pay Donald Trump $5 billion so he wouldn't run for president in 2024. According to the author of The Big Short, Sam Bankman-Fried wanted to pay Donald Trump $5 billion so he wouldn't run for president in 2024.

Michael Lewis, author of the book The Big Short, revealed that former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried considered the possibility of offering Donald Trump a mind-boggling $5 billion to dissuade him from seeking the presidency of the United States in 2024. On October 1, Lewis revealed Sam Bankman-Fried's consideration of this bold proposal during a 60 Minutes interview. He clarified Bankman-Fried's viewpoint by stating that SBF saw a danger in Trump's potential candidacy for president of the United States' democracy, classifying him as an existential risk.

Lewis revealed that SBF had investigated the offer's legality in addition to its financial viability. SBF was a major donor to Republicans as well as Democrats, giving millions to both parties. Due to Bankman-Fried's lack of the necessary $5 billion, the plan was never implemented. Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon, the most recent book by Michael Lewis, details the rise and fall of SBF's fortunes. Lewis compared the FTX collapse to Pompeii.

Lewis also revealed more startling information about his close friendship with SBF, revealing that they spent more than 70 days together in the Bahamas over the course of several trips in 2022, developing a close relationship with the founder of FTX. Lewis compared the devastation left in the wake of FTX's collapse in November 2022 to the ruins of Pompeii, where people left their personal belongings and company property behind. Representatives for Donald Trump and Sam Bankman-Fried declined to comment on the legal ramifications of these allegations.

According to the journalistic author, FTX would still be operating and earning money if there hadn't been a run on cryptocurrency deposits. Sam Bankman-Fried's forthcoming high-profile trial is set to begin with jury selection on October 3 and officially kick off on October 4. Seven fraud cases against SBF will be the subject of the trial, including five conspiracy charges and two substantive cases in which the prosecution must establish Bankman-Fried's involvement.

Fashion Icon Anna Wintour SBF wanted to Sponsor Met GalaMichael Lewis also disclosed an improbable relationship between Sam Bankman-Fried, Vogue editor-in-chief, and fashion icon Anna Wintour. Despite having a reputation for dressing casually and rarely donning anything other than shorts and a T-shirt, Wintour expressed interest in having Bankman-Fried sponsor the illustrious Met Gala. Lewis described SBF as a social experiment" that had significant financial resources and was willing to give generously. However, he continued, everything transpired exactly the opposite of what SBF had intended.


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Brazil will issue digital IDs using blockchain technology to its 214 million citizens. Brazil will issue digital IDs using blockchain technology to its 214 million citizens.

Blockchain technology will be used by Brazil to create digital identification documents for its more than 214 million citizens.According to a formal announcement from the government, the states of Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, and Paraná will be the first to implement this new system, utilizing a private blockchain created by Serpro, Brazil's national data processing service.

By November 6, the entire nation should be able to issue identity documents using blockchain technology, according to the announcement.The decision to use blockchain technology for digital identity is based on its inherent immutability and decentralization.Blockchain technology, according to Serpro's president Alexandre Amorim, is essential for safeguarding personal information and avoiding fraud.

He asserted that the National Identity Card project's security and dependability have been greatly improved by the use of the b-Cadastros blockchain platform, providing Brazilian citizens with a more secure online experience.

Blockchain technology, according to Amorim, plays a critical role in protecting personal data and preventing fraud, offering a more secure digital experience for Brazilian citizens.".Using the b-Cadastros blockchain platform significantly improves the security and dependability of the National Identity Card project.

The Use of Digital IDs in the Fight Against CrimeThe national ID project is seen by the Brazilian government as a crucial tool in the fight against organized crime and in fostering cooperation between government sectors.Along with streamlining administrative records, it will also make services more accessible.Over the course of several years, Brazil has worked to standardize the issuance of identification documents among its nearly 30 states.By implementing blockchain technology, the Federal Revenue and various government departments will be able to securely exchange data, increasing productivity and data integrity.

A similar initiative in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where citizens can access their identity documents through a digital wallet, is in line with Brazil's initiative.The Commonwealth of Dominica also collaborated with Huobi to launch its Digital Identity (DID) and Dominica Coin (DMC), the country's official tokens.

At the time, the island nation declared that owners of its digital identity could register businesses that offer digital services, open bank or financial accounts, apply for loans, claim airdrops of digital currency, and use it for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

A digital identity offering that allows users to choose identity credentials you want to share throughout your interactions online, across the web3, the metaverse, DeFi, and beyond\" was also unveiled by the world's largest bank, JP Morgan, in October of last year.

The CBDC plans in Brazil are progressing.Brazil is progressing in the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), in addition to the project involving digital identities.More information about the project, now known as Drex, was released by the government in August.Through a tokenization system connected to the Drex, the CBDC seeks to increase business access to capital.

More recently, in response to a rise in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the nation, the central bank of Brazil vowed to tighten regulations and strengthen its control over cryptocurrency platforms.According to Roberto Campos Neto, the governor of Brazil's central bank, cryptocurrency imports" by Brazilian citizens increased by 44.2% between January and August 2023 compared to the same period in the previous year.The oversight of the cryptocurrency industry in Brazil will be strengthened moving forward, Neto said, adding that we understand that a lot is connected to tax evasion or linked to illicit activities."


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How to Quit Postponing Your Finances. You might be a financial procrastinator if you routinely put off routine financial tasks like keeping track of expenses, paying bills, and filing taxes, or if the thought of even looking at your bank account balance makes you anxious.

Undoubtedly, nobody enjoys paying their bills. However, the costs of financial procrastination can add up quickly. Failure to start saving and investing early can result in missing out on years of potential compound growth. Missed payments result in fees, interest charges, and damage to your credit score. Financial procrastination can also make it difficult for you to identify and quickly address issues like fraud. The following advice will help you recognize and deal with financial procrastination in your life so you can regain control over your finances.

Do you put off dealing with money?

Examine your financial housekeeping practices honestly. If you procrastinate on important financial decisions, such as opening bills or checking your bank account, or if you wait until the last minute to file your taxes, think about why. You and your money have a complex relationship; being good" or bad" with money is never the case. Avoidance strategies can result from a variety of issues, including financial anxiety, a scarcity mindset, feeling overburdened by financial responsibilities, or simply lacking confidence in your ability to manage your money.

Simply put, we make less wise financial decisions when we're anxious. Delaying tasks can lead to late fees, interest charges, and other unforeseen expenses. It may keep you from addressing issues at an early stage, when doing so might make them easier to handle. And perhaps worst of all, it might give you the impression that you have no chance of a financially more secure future. If any or all of this describes you, take into account these actions you can take to tackle your poor money habits head-on.

How to get over putting off money matters

To gain momentum, start small.

Just one or two of the small financial tasks you've been putting off can be completed. Make it a habit to handle manageable tasks right away. Being harsh with yourself about your spending tendencies can lead to making choices out of fear. So that you can continue to make wiser financial decisions in the future, it can be beneficial to zoom out and recognize your personal financial accomplishments. You might discover your financial situation isn't as bad as you think because small victories add up.

Prepare yourself by making a plan.

Break up large goals into precise, timed steps. It will be less stressful to set aside a few hundred dollars a month for student loans than to think about paying off thousands of dollars in debt. Look into budgeting apps or other tools to automate and remind you of important tasks and deadlines to make your goals more doable.

You don't want to stay in the dark and live in fear when it comes to specifically getting out of debt. Here is our advice on how to become sufficiently organized to pay off your debt.

The 50/20/30 method is a well-liked choice to try out when creating a new budget. However, as I frequently point out, the best budget is the one that works for you. Here is our guide to starting a budget.

Your relationship with money needs to be repaired.

Making a budget is only a temporary fix, and following it becomes even more difficult if you don't address the emotional causes of your financial difficulties. We all have a financial story, and it's never as straightforward as \"I'm bad with money.". For more information, see these actions to begin mending your relationship with money.

If necessary, seek assistance.

Consider seeking assistance from a financial advisor, accountant, or friend who is financially savvy if uncertainty or ignorance are holding you back. Even hiring a financial therapist is an option. Financial therapy combines financial counseling with psychoanalysis to help you explore the psychological and emotional factors that may be preventing you from having a secure financial future. Be sure to keep an open mind when engaging in financial therapy if you decide to do so. Financial therapy is no different from other types of therapy in that it calls for both openness and trust.

Embrace self-compassion.

The secret to paying off debt and accumulating wealth is how you handle money. However, it takes time to break bad habits. Get back on track the next day if you make a mistake. New habits will develop with time. The secret is to begin making small changes consistently to develop financial momentum and confidence so that you can keep making better financial decisions for yourself.


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At the Execution Layer Summit, Ethereum's EIP&7503 advances privacy to new heights. Recently, the Ethereum community held an event called ACDE 171 to discuss how to introduce a number of transformative components that might influence the network's future, possibly enhancing security and privacy.

The event covered a wide range of topics, such as Dencun Devnets, thorough audits, the eagerly anticipated launch of Holesky, a trailblazing idea for private ETH transfers, and important updates to the EIP-6780 specification.

The improvement of security and privacy.

An in-depth summary of these events was provided on X by Tim Beiko, a well-known member of the Ethereum community. The development of devnet-9, the emphasis on blob transaction gossip, audits of the EIP-4788 contract bytecode, and the relaunch of Holesky are some of the subjects he highlighted.

The EIP-7503 proposal, which Beiko claims will redefine private transfers on the Ethereum blockchain, was presented at the event, according to the X posts, and this was the event's high point.

The concept was presented by the EIP 7503 authors. EIP 7503 was found, according to Ethereum's documentation, when the developers were looking into ways to provide more privacy and ZKP applications.

EIP-7501 introduces a novel method known as \"Burn and Remint,\" which permits private transfers by burning and reminting ETH. By burning, users send ETH to an unspendable address and later create a ZK proof that some tokens were burned in a transaction in a previous block without disclosing the transaction. In this case, the merger of ZKP is intended to improve security and privacy.

Beiko also provided some insight into the EIP-4788 contract bytecode audits. Three independent auditors, including ChainSecurity, Dedaub, and Trail of Bits, were reportedly hired to examine it. No additional issues were found past those mentioned in the initial review, according to confirmation from representatives from ChainSecurity and Dedaub over the phone.

Auditors examined changes, such as explicitly handling 0 being passed as a timestamp and altering the buffer length to be fully utilized regardless of block time, and found no issues with the fixes. But they emphasized two things that beacon roots contract users ought to know.

Devnet 9 was discussed at the event as well, and according to Beiko, the teams are already getting ready and working to handle various test cases. There was discussion about additional Devnets, which will only exist temporarily for testing.

Additionally, SELFDESTRUCT would be disabled by a small change under EIP-6780, with the exception of the contract creation transaction.

Just two weeks have passed since the Execution Layer Meeting 170, which took place on Sept. 14. The new ACDE meeting is scheduled for October, according to the reports.

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Proof of stake smart contracts platform Avalanche. In 2020, Ava Labs introduced Avalanche, a ground-breaking decentralized platform and blockchain system. By offering unmatched performance, scalability, and flexibility, it was created with the intention of revolutionizing the blockchain landscape.

Avalanche uses a cutting-edge consensus protocol based on metastable consensus, in contrast to conventional platforms that employ proof-of-work or proof-of-stake mechanisms. This cutting-edge system utilizes repeated subsampled voting to achieve rapid finality and high transaction throughput, making it capable of processing over 4,500 transactions per second with finality times that are frequently under one second. Avalanche's HyperSDK toolkit has been used to create customized blockchains with TPS levels above 100,000.

In addition to its impressive speed, Avalanche is notable for its capacity to support the development of numerous customized blockchains within its ecosystem. These can be customized for particular applications, such as asset tokenization and decentralized finance (DeFi), all while ensuring interoperability and smooth asset transfer.

AVAX, the platform's native cryptocurrency, supports its operations by lowering transaction fees and staking to secure the network. With its dedication to bridging the divide between centralized and customizable platforms, Avalanche has been gaining the attention of developers and businesses eager to tap into its transformative potential for a wide range of blockchain applications.


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The validator set of Polygon now includes Google Cloud. The validator set of Polygon now includes Google Cloud.

On September, Polygon Labs declared. 29 that it has expanded the decentralized network of validators powering its PoS network to include Google Cloud.

In a statement released on Sept. 29 that it has expanded the decentralized network of validators sustaining its proof-of-stake Network to include Google Cloud.

The Polygon PoS Network, formerly known as the Matic Network and serving as a side-chain to the Ethereum blockchain, is now secured by more than 100 validators, according to a statement from Polygon. Google Cloud was previously one of the network's under 100 validators.

In addition, Polygon PoS is now partially powered by the same infrastructure that underlies YouTube and Gmail, according to Polygon. It also stated that Google Cloud is a \"high-quality, trusted, [and] security-minded\" validator, which increases network security.

The project also contained a link to a dashboard page that showed Google Cloud's total stake as being 10,451 MATIC ($5,484) and total earnings as being 29.42 MATIC ($15) to date. Google Cloud is one of the validators with the lowest amount of MATIC staked, despite being more well-known than any of Polygon's other validators.

The value of Polygon's MATIC token seems to have been unaffected by the partnership, if at all. In comparison to the overall cryptocurrency market, MATIC is up 1.2 percent in the last 24 hours.

Google Cloud and Polygon have a close working relationship.

In April, Polygon and Google Cloud officially launched their collaboration. Both businesses stated there would be many objectives for the multi-year partnership at the time.

According to the terms of the partnership, Google Cloud would support Polygon's dedicated app-chain, offer managed Polygon node hosting to Google Cloud users, and contribute cloud services to Polygon's zkEVM scaling solution. Additionally, the agreement included $200,000 in funding in the form of Google Cloud credits for startups supported by Polygon.

In addition to that collaboration, BigQuery datasets on Google Cloud now support Polygon network data. On September, the platform added that. 21 and at that time introduced support for a total of eleven distinct sets of blockchain data.

Although extensive, the collaboration between Polygon and Google Cloud is not original. Similar validator alliances between Google Cloud and other blockchain networks have been established, including but not limited to Solana, Voltage, Ronin Network, Tezos, and Celo.

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JPEX,Four more arrests have been made, bringing the total number of detentions to 18. In the JPEX cryptocurrency exchange investigation, four more arrests have been made, bringing the total number of detentions to 18.

According to the South China Morning Post on Friday, police have recently detained four more people connected to the ongoing JPEX crypto exchange case in Hong Kong and Macau.

Two of the four arrests were made by Hong Kong police, and the other two were by Macau police. With this latest arrest, there have now been a total of eighteen people detained in connection with the scandal, including several people who are thought to be closely connected to the main operations.

These changes occur at the same time as the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued a warning about FUBT Exchange, another unlicensed virtual asset trading platform that is thought to be connected to JPEX. The company allegedly provided a phony Hong Kong phone number in an effort to give the impression that it was present in the city, according to the commission.

According to the SFC's website, FUBT Exchange was added to a list of dubious virtual asset trading platforms on September 22. Following checks indicate that the platform's website is no longer reachable.

A JPEX cryptocurrency exchange investigation uncovered additional arrests and cash seizures.

The SCMP report states that two 29-year-olds were detained in Macau, where law enforcement officers seized cash and valuables worth HK$6.5 million (US$830,390). In addition, their casino accounts' HK$8.2 million have been frozen. According to Macau police, the two were proprietors of cash-for-crypto businesses.

Two 28-year-old men were detained by Hong Kong police after additional arrests. One of them, with the last name Tang, was found in an apartment with papers that appeared to have been destroyed and bleached in a bathtub.

As investigators searched two apartments that contained a significant amount of documents, they also made other discoveries and detained a suspect with the last name Wong. Additionally, during the search, fraudulent Visa cards with the "JPEX" logo were found.

18 people—all Hong Kong residents—have now been detained in connection with the growing JPEX case as a result of these most recent arrests.

Investigators are close to identifying a significant player in JPEX operations, according to Hong Kong Assistant Police Commissioner Chung Wing-man. They are unsure, though, as to whether a single person or a larger organization is the fraud's mastermind.

Authorities have also said that there are likely more suspects involved in the case, some of whom may be outside of Hong Kong. They're willing to work with international law enforcement to have them apprehended because they know where they are.

Authorities seize HK$24 million in assets, including cryptocurrency, in the most recent investigation into the JPEX cryptocurrency exchange scandal.

Authorities recently seized a total of HK$24 million in assets, including pricey watches and gold bars, during an operation that was carried out in Hong Kong and Macau. Gold bars and pricey watches were among the confiscated property.

The city's police department also disclosed that they had seized cryptocurrency linked to JPEX that was worth HK$5 million. The high volume of transactions and inherent anonymity of these digital assets have made it difficult to locate them.

When the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) charged the exchange with operating without a license, the JPEX scandal started to take shape earlier this month. Regulating bodies then published a public notice warning Hong Kong residents that the exchange lacked permission to operate in the nation.

A few days later, JPEX and its owners were allegedly responsible for defrauding more than 2,400 people out of close to $200 million. More than 2,417 people reported losses totaling more than $105 million on the platform to the Hong Kong Police, according to reports received.

JPEX, however, is worried that Hong Kong's ambitions to become a hub for cryptocurrency could be hampered by what it sees as unfair treatment by the authorities. JPEX, allegedly based in Dubai, is still in operation, albeit with restricted access from Hong Kong, thought to be as a result of a police directive.

In response, the regulatory body published a list of exchange firms that have applied for a license under the new regulatory framework, which was put into effect in June.


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CFTC charges the founder of Mosaic Exchange with running fraudulent cryptocurrency operations. The CFTC charges the founder of Mosaic Exchange with running fraudulent cryptocurrency operations.

A civil enforcement action against Mosaic Exchange Limited, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and its proprietor, Sean Michael, has been announced by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The CFTC revealed that the Pennsylvania-based limited liability company and its founder ran a fictitious digital asset commodity scheme in a press release dated September 27.

Before their actions caught the agency's attention, this took place between February 2019 and June 2021.

The US agency claimed that the cryptocurrency exchange promoted itself as a legitimate Bitcoin trading business with tens of millions of dollars in assets under management (AUM).

In order to trade the cryptocurrency market on their behalf, it deceptively obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of Bitcoin and other funds from 17 US residents and other nationals.

Contrary to what it claimed, the money was actually misappropriated.

The fraudulent cryptocurrency operation, according to the CFTC, was successful in seducing its victims with claims that it used a proprietary trading algorithm that was operated in-house, among other things. This would allegedly result in returns that would range from 20% to 60% each month.

That's not all, though. Mosaic Exchange Limited took things a step further by claiming broker deals and alliances with well-known, unnamed Bitcoin exchange titans.

After conducting an investigation, the CFTC discovered that the cryptocurrency operation was not legitimate and never had the millions of dollars in AUM it claimed.

The government body also disclosed that the crypto exchange operated independently and lacked any legitimate broker agreements with other crypto entities.

The cryptocurrency market is rife with investment scams.

Kristin N. Johnson, the CFTC's commissioner, made a different statement. The entire Mosaic Exchange incident, according to Johnson, was a virtual house of cards.".

Johnson claims that as more investment frauds are committed in the developing sector, the need for better investor protection is becoming more and more clear.

Given the numerous investment frauds that have hit the cryptocurrency market this year, the Commissioner's observation is well-founded.

Investment scams continue to be the most common tactic used by fraudsters, according to a Chainalysis report.

According to the report, this year has seen a notable 77 percent decrease in these scams.

The exit of VidiLook and Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Financial Management, two well-known investment fraud operations, may be partly to blame for this decline in activity among investors and their increased awareness of investment fraud.

But ransomware is still a persistent threat, so the industry is not yet safe.

In comparison to the same period in 2022, the crypto crime segment has already locked in $175.8 million more. This suggests that thieves are purchasing sophisticated software to steal money from cryptocurrency wallets of investors.

The US Department of the Treasury is stepping up its efforts to combat this subset of cryptocurrency crime.

Three over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency traders were recently subject to sanctions as a result of their significant support for the infamous North Korean Lazarus Group.

These defendants allegedly assisted the cybercriminal organization in converting cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars into fiat money.

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For the first Ethereum futures ETF, Valkyrie Investments received SEC approval. For the first Ethereum futures ETF, Valkyrie Investments received SEC approval.

The SEC grants Valkyrie Investments permission to introduce the country's first Ethereum futures ETF.

Valkyrie Investments, a Nashville-based asset management company, received authorization from the U. S. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will introduce the first-ever Ethereum futures exchange-traded fund (ETF). For the American market for digital asset investment, this could be a significant turning point.

As the regulatory body gradually opens up to the cryptocurrency market, the SEC makes its decision. The SEC approved the trading of Bitcoin ETFs based on futures contracts in October 2021. In addition to its current Bitcoin Mining ETF, Valkyrie Investments has joined a small group of companies that provide ETFs related to cryptocurrencies.

The Ether ETF Market is Facing Increasing Competition.

In its efforts to establish Ethereum futures ETFs, Valkyrie Investments is not acting alone. The SEC has received applications from eight additional issuers, including VanEck, Grayscale Investments, and Bitwise. These businesses aim to benefit from Ethereum's rising popularity, which makes it the second-largest digital asset in the world right now.

In addition to Ethereum futures ETFs, Valkyrie Investments is looking into the introduction of a spot Bitcoin ETF alongside Wall Street heavyweights BlackRock and Fidelity. A spot ETF would make it possible for a wider range of investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin's current price rather than its future value, which is currently only available to accredited investors.

Due to regulatory concerns, the SEC has so far been hesitant to approve this kind of ETF.

Accelerated Approval Due to Government Shutdown Fears.Fascinatingly, Valkyrie's initial release date for its fund was set for October 3. However, worries about a possible U. S. The SEC accelerated the approval process for Ethereum futures ETFs due to the government shutdown. Nearly two million federal employees may lose their jobs if Congress is unable to come to a funding agreement, and SEC operations may be affected.

Steven McClurg, the chief investment officer at Valkyrie, expressed his satisfaction with the SEC's choice in a Fox Business interview.

"We are thrilled to be the first to offer ether futures to our investors as the asset's interest has grown exponentially over the past year," he said.

The company intends to merge its current Bitcoin futures ETF into a combined fund that will trade both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures starting today.

The SEC's expedited approval process also suggests that the organization is attempting to keep the market stable in the event of a shutdown of the government. The SEC put off making decisions on additional spot Bitcoin ETF applications earlier this week, including one from Ark 21Shares, a fund run by tech entrepreneur Cathie Wood.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler urged businesses planning to go public to move quickly in order to avoid a potential government shutdown on the legislative front. The agency's ability to regulate the markets and public offerings would be hampered by a shutdown that would force it to operate with a smaller staff.Another step toward the maturation of the cryptocurrency market in the U.S. has been made with the SEC's approval of Valkyrie Investments' Ethereum futures ETF. S. The SEC has demonstrated a willingness to accommodate futures-based products, despite the fact that it is still wary, particularly with regard to spot ETFs.

Competition in the Ether ETF market will inevitably increase as more businesses prepare to offer comparable products.


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On&chain Expert Examines the Relationship Between the Filecoin Initial Coin Offering and the Ethereum Foundation. On-chain Expert Examines the Relationship Between the Filecoin Initial Coin Offering and the Ethereum Foundation.

The origin of the well-known blockchain project Filecoin (FIL) and its initial coin offering (ICO) have come under scrutiny by an on-chain investigator known as @BoringSleuth on X (formerly Twitter). In a recent report posted on X, BoringSleuth explained how they started their investigation by mapping out the wallets connected to Filecoin and observing trends in funding transactions.

The user explained, "I was mapping out wallets, starting with the wallet that sent the most ETH sent to Filecoin, and working my way down until I was deep enough.

"I started noticing patterns in the wallets' funding methods, the people they interacted with and how, as well as who owned them.".

More specifically, they found that a number of wallets with very long decimal numbers were sending Ethereum (ETH) to the wallet associated with the Filecoin ICO. These distinct numerical patterns were found in a total of 1,255 transactions by the investigator. Out of the transactions that were found, 296 wallets had 937, 228 wallets had 967, 179 wallets had 697, and 111 wallets had 696.

The last three digits of the remaining 106 transactions varied, but they all had the same lengthy decimal numbers. According to BoringSleuth, these patterns were planned by the ICO's founders and venture capitalists (VCs) to give the impression of significant interest. According to the investigator, this was done to trick investors and dump tokens on gullible participants.

According to BoringSleuth, these codes or patterns are used to classify the senders and their contributions.

"You see, you have to use some sort of code that helps group together who sent what if you want to make it appear as though a lot of people are "Apeing" into your token sale and that you and your small group of VC's are going to dump on the plebs. ".

The Filecoin ICO involved prominent Ethereum Foundation members. The Ethereum Foundation and its founder Vitalik Buterin were even connected to these activities in the report. The investigator called the Filecoin ICO a Ponzi scheme and implied that the CCP Group, Cumberland, and Prometheum were also involved.

According to BoringSleuth, the investigator was able to identify ownership by grouping the wallets and comparing them to the "Truth Labs Database of Networks and Wallets" in order to determine ownership. This allowed the investigator to attribute the wallets to various ICO participants. The report has received a lot of attention on social media sites, receiving about 150k views on X.

Additionally, according to BoringSleuth, more information will be made public later. Despite the controversy surrounding its initial coin offering, Filecoin has become very popular. With a market cap of more than $1 point 4 billion, the initiative—a decentralized storage network that aims to establish a global marketplace for the storing and retrieving of digital data—is currently the 32nd largest cryptocurrency in the world.

FIL, Filecoin's native token, is currently trading at $3.26, essentially unchanged from the previous day.


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Following an earlier failure, Ethereum developers try again to launch the Holesky Testnet. Following an earlier failure, Ethereum developers try again to launch the Holesky Testnet.

Following the failure of an earlier attempt earlier this month, Ethereum developers have restarted the Holesky test network.

In the early hours of the livestream on Thursday, Ethereum developers relaunched Holesky in what seemed to be a successful process.

Another developer made a joke about there not being a third build, as one developer remarked on the initial success so far.

It appears that the launch was successful." We won't need to build a third one!".

The digital asset community in crypto spaces applauded the initiatives taken to welcome Holesky. The newest and largest Ethereum testnet by validator count, Holesky, is now live, according to X (formerly Twitter) user \"sassal . eth\".

Bravo to everyone who contributed to getting this launched. \".

The Goerli and Sepolia smart contract projects, which have a capacity greater than Ethereum's current test networks, are supported by the Holesky testnet.

The network is anticipated to double in size from Ethereum to 1 point 4 million validators, effectively ending all scalability issues that exist on the testnet.

As a solution that will last for years and be crucial in the implementation of the Dencun hardfork, the testnet was chosen as the reason for delaying the launch after the glitch.

How did it happen?

The launch of Holeskey was planned for September 15 to coincide with the first anniversary of the Ethereum Merge, which saw the network switch to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and do away with miners.

Since the Goerli testnet was supposed to be phased out by this event by 2024, it was eagerly anticipated. But shortly after it began, the procedure ran into problems.

According to Ethereum researcher Diederick Loerakker, incorrect data was extrapolated from some of the Genesis files.

How much is the fish? is the extra data that someone added to the EL Holesky genesis, 0x686f77206d7563682069732074686520666973683f. json rather than in the CL genesis. Misconfiguration caused the network to not launch, ssz.

There are rumors that some other fork parameters in releases are also out of sync. Relaunch is necessary. Not a problem, at least not with the size of the network. ".

Despite the delay, no harm will be done, according to Beaconchain . eth and other observers, as that is the entire point of a testnet.

If Holesky goes according to plan, Ethereum is expected to gain ground on rivals in the development of decentralized applications (dApps), as the new testnet will draw large projects with effective scalability.


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The impact of FTX's biggest decline in the cryptocurrency market.

The impact of FTX's biggest decline in the cryptocurrency market. The recovery process, which has previously encountered serious setbacks, is more challenging. The anticipated payments to creditors have tripled in value over the course of this year at FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange currently going through a difficult bankruptcy process. Data from cryptocurrency services provider Matrixport shows that the expected recovery for FTX creditors has increased to an average of 37 cents on the dollar, up from just over 10 cents at the beginning of 2023.

Does FTX's $73 billion recovery bring back a fallen empire?

It is quite incredible that this recovery expectation can be linked to FTX's effective efforts to recover and reclaim assets under the direction of Wall Street bankruptcy lawyer John Ray III. Additionally, according to FTX, it was able to collect $7.3 billion in assets, including $200 million in real estate, $3.4 billion in cash, and $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency.

Even if they recover the amount, will investors still believe in FTX's 2 point recovery?

Although the FTX recovery process is almost finished, Matrixport warned that a $2.1 billion claim against Binance and a $700 million lawsuit from investment firm K5 could result in higher creditor payouts. In addition, FTX's $500 million stake in AI startup Anthropic may increase as a result of Amazon's potential investment. But the strategic Anthropic stake considerations of FTX spice up the narrative. The possibility of significant gains that could alter FTX's course complicates its financial situation.

Unprecedented chance for FTX 2.0.

However, the anticipated revival of the FTX exchange, also known as \"FTX 2.0,\" may also offer hope for creditors. Before, it was possible to successfully recapitalize an exchange, turning creditors into equity owners and possibly gaining the favor of claimants. Additionally, according to experts, in order to exit bankruptcy, FTX may launch an initial public offering (IPO) using Anthropic Tokens given to creditors.

Notably, there is now a sizable demand in over-the-counter markets for FTX creditor claims due to the growing optimism regarding asset recovery. FTX claims are among the most sought-after assets in the bankruptcy claims market because distressed asset investors are actively looking for them.

An Opportunity for Creditors?

The bankruptcy case for FTX has been referred to as one of the messiest in U. S. Sam Bankman-Fried, the company's founder and CEO, will be on trial for a crime the following week. Investor interest in FTX claims has increased despite the case's complexity due to the better recovery expectations. The fact that higher payouts than previously anticipated are anticipated is good news for FTX creditors in light of this development.

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Token Society, Inc. today that they are thrilled to co&launch Token Society, Inc. today that they are thrilled to co-launch, a cutting-edge web3 platform devoted to the world of physical and digital collectibles, gaming assets, and exclusive merch. and Locke Holdings, LLC. Dazzy . io users have the chance to completely immerse themselves in the world of physical and digital collectibles, all while enjoying an easy-to-use user experience that is enhanced by the collector's journey.

Co-founder of Ryan Lewis said:.

"Dazzy Dot IO is more than just an online market; it is a brilliant illustration of the development of real-world and virtual collectibles in the vast web3 and gaming industries. Because of our collaboration with Token Society, Inc. and innovative use of Web3 technology, we are in a unique position to meet the expanding needs of a quickly expanding market and provide gamers and collectors with an immersive experience.

Become familiar with Dazzables: Your Gateway to Special Collectibles.

The centerpiece of Dazzy . io, the \"Dazzables,\" is a selection of unique, officially licensed, limited-edition collectibles that exist in both the physical and digital realms. The following are some of the main explanations for how is changing the market:. Dazzables are painstakingly made in order to give collectors an unparalleled experience.

On, a digital proof of purchase (POP) is offered for each tangible collectible that is purchased. This Ethereum blockchain-backed certificate ensures the provenance and authenticity of your collectible. Collectors have the option to decide whether to redeem their items or keep them in storage thanks to Dazzy Dot Io. Having your physical collectible delivered right to your door is an option for redeeming it. Alternately, select the Dazzy Vault, a secure storage option in the United States that safeguards your treasures for a small monthly fee. Selling on the Dazzy . io Marketplace is Easy If you decide to sell your prized collectible, the Dazzy . io marketplace is where you should go. List your item for sale along with a digital copy of the receipt to connect with other collectors who share your passion.

The first maps were those from the renowned Call of Duty map series.

Our first product on Dazzy . io, the eagerly anticipated Call of Duty - Iconic Map Series, is slated to go live on September 30 at 2 p.m. ET. This set of gamified magnetic levitating sculptures includes the Ghost character hovering above and the iconic Rust Map as its main focus in its initial release. These officially licensed, levitating collectibles will provide an immersive experience for both fans of the renowned Call of Duty franchise and collectors. Exclusive Call of Duty merchandise and access to both online and offline events are just a couple of the extra advantages and features that come with purchase.

According to, "Beyond Collectibles: Connecting the Web3 Community of Collectors.

Scott H. is the CEO and co-founder of Token Society. Weissmann stated:.

In addition to creating exceptional analog and digital collectibles and providing a web3 marketplace for buying and selling, Dazzy does more than that. A thriving collector community that extends beyond the blockchain is something we're committed to creating. With each collection we reveal on Dazzy . io, we hope to connect collectors from the metaverse and the real world. We offer an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional collecting through meticulously planned events, whether they occur online or in real life (IRL).

Growth of the Collectibles Industry Worldwide.

The launch of Dazzy . io occurs at a critical juncture for the collectibles market. Recent industry statistics highlight the demand for cutting-edge platforms like Dazzy . io by revealing the remarkable growth of the global collectible market. The collectible market was estimated to be worth $458 billion in 2022 by MarketDecipher, and it is anticipated to grow to $1 trillion by 2033. This upward trend highlights the enduring passion that collectors have for tangible, one-of-a-kind items that have sentimental and cultural significance.

By utilizing the capabilities of web3 and the power of blockchain technology, Token Society, Inc. and Locke Holdings, LLC are dedicated to providing collectors with exciting and compelling opportunities. Join us on this thrilling journey as we transform the way collectors interact with their interests.

Leading web3 investor and incubator Token Society, Inc. is committed to advancing blockchain technology. Our goal is to empower creators, collectors, and enthusiasts by offering innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

In the developing field of Web 3, Locke Holdings is a top repository for intellectual property. boasting an impressive portfolio of major brands, such as the Call of Duty video game, the Narcos television series, and numerous other enduring franchises. A seamless link between centralized and decentralized ecosystems is something that Locke Holdings is dedicated to building for the future of digital entertainment.

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The European Commission launches a €800,000 study to examine the environmental effects of cryptocurrencies. The European Commission launches a €800,000 study to examine the environmental effects of cryptocurrencies.

The European Commission handed out a contract worth 800,000 euros ($842,000) on Tuesday as part of its initiatives to address the negative effects of cryptocurrencies on the environment.

Concerns about the environmental and climate impact of cryptocurrencies were raised by the European Commission in a tender document published on September 26 under the title \"Developing a Methodology and Sustainability Standards for Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Crypto-assets.\".

\"There is evidence that, depending on the consensus mechanism used to validate transactions, crypto-assets can have a significant negative impact on the climate and environment and generate negative economic and social externalities. \".

The EU stated that crypto-assets can have significant negative effects on the environment, economy, and society depending on the consensus mechanism used for transaction validation.

The Commission has expressed concerns about the potential to undermine the region's climate and sustainability goals outlined in the Paris Agreement in response to the growing demand for crypto-assets and crypto-mining, even within the EU.

EU Reacts to Crypto's Impact on Climate Goals and Paris Agreement Objectives.

The Paris Agreement was established in 2015 by global leaders to combat climate change. Its main objectives are to keep global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, aiming for 1.5°C.

The national climate action plans (NDCs) that nations submit to reduce emissions are continually improved. Key factors include financial support for developing countries and transparency.

On November 4, 2016, the Paris Agreement went into effect after being ratified by at least 55 countries that together account for more than 55% of global emissions, including all EU members.

However, in response to recent pressure from cryptocurrency, the Commission recently took action, for which bids will be accepted until November 10, to establish standards that will support potential future EU policies aiming to lessen the environmental impact of crypto on climate change.

This initiative also intends to roll out new energy efficiency labels created specifically for blockchains. The 13-month contract is designed to strengthen the Commission's ability to assess and deal with the effects of crypto-mining on the environment.

Furthermore, it aims to define precise sustainability benchmarks for cryptoassets. The ultimate goal is to pass new legislation that will govern how cryptocurrencies are used for financial transactions.

EU Adopts Multi-Faceted Approach to Address Environmental Impact of Crypto and Promote Sustainability.

Notably, the EU has made numerous investments and launched a number of initiatives to address various issues and advance sustainability, including the 800,000-euro contract for addressing the environmental impact of crypto assets. The European Union's commitment to tackling environmental problems and boosting competitiveness is consistent with its larger objectives, which are outlined in the European Green Deal and the REPowerEU Plan, both of which place a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and the switch to clean energy sources.

The EU launched these initiatives in October 2022 in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of various industries. They cover a variety of industries and digital assets like cryptocurrencies. This demonstrates the EU's dedication to putting money into clean energy and developing the abilities required for an effective shift in the industrial sector.

The REPowerEU Plan was introduced in response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and aims to address the significant effects of this crisis on European energy supplies. According to the European Commission, this situation presents a chance to hasten the transition to clean energy.

This plan's energy usage regulation for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry—which includes blockchains as a subset of data centers—is a key component.

According to the Commission, the upcoming EU study, which is expected to last a year, will look at issues with crypto's impact on the environment, such as how much water it uses, how much waste it produces, how it uses energy, and so on.


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As cryptocurrency adoption increases, Brazil's central bank tightens regulations. As cryptocurrency adoption increases, Brazil's central bank tightens regulations.

Roberto Campos Neto, governor of Brazil's central bank. Screenshot from a YouTube video, source.

As cryptocurrency adoption in the nation soars, the Brazilian central bank has vowed to tighten regulations and strengthen its control over crypto platforms.

The governor of Brazil's central bank, Roberto Campos Neto, said on Wednesday that \"cryptocurrency imports\" by Brazilian citizens increased by 44.2% between January and August 2023 compared to the same period the previous year. He was speaking before a parliamentary commission on finance and taxation.

The governor of the central bank said that during the time period, cryptocurrency worth about 36 billion Brazilian real ($7.4 billion) was imported into the nation.

The oversight of the cryptocurrency industry in Brazil will be strengthened going forward, Neto said, adding that \"we understand that a lot is connected to tax evasion or linked to illicit activities.\".

The use of stablecoins is also growing.

In his speech, Neto mentioned how stablecoins have gained a lot of traction in Brazil and how they are primarily used to pay for goods and services.

In contrast, unbacked cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), which are primarily used as investment and savings vehicles, are not backed by any physical asset.

Digital reality.

Brazil's central bank, known locally as Banco Central do Brasil, has been given a key role in regulating the nation's developing crypto industry.

The Brazilian real's digital equivalent, the central bank's own central bank digital currency (CBDC), is being developed in addition to regulating the so-called private crypto market.

Before the country's CBDC rollout, the bank unveiled a \"roadmap\" of events in June, including monthly webinars.

Throughout the events, which run through November, the bank, fintech specialists, and BCB partners will talk about CBDC rollouts as well as the outcomes of the BCB's own digital real pilot.

When a blockchain developer learned that the source code of the virtual currency would allow the government to freeze accounts or even drain them at will, the CBDC pilot in Brazil once more made headlines in July.


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XRP Trading Volume Exceeds BNB, Leading to XRP Price Prediction. Can XRP Reach $1 Before 2023 Is Over? XRP Trading Volume Exceeds BNB, Leading to XRP Price Prediction. Can XRP Reach $1 Before 2023 Is Over?

The price of XRP has increased by 0.5 percent in the last hour, reaching $0.502420 as a result of the altcoin's 24-hour trading volume nearly doubling that of BNB, its closest competitor in terms of market cap.

The value of XRP has increased by 47.7 percent since the start of the year, with a week-over-week loss of 0.5 percent and a 14-day gain of 4.5 percent.

Furthermore, despite the fact that XRP has lost ground as a result of the recent market-wide difficulties, the fact that it still commands high trading volumes would indicate that it is well-positioned to make a strong comeback when the sentiment turns more bullish.

As XRP Trading Volume Exceeds BNB, XRP Price Prediction. Can XRP Reach $1 Before the End of 2023?

Due to the fact that XRP has gained in the last hour and that its indicators have been oversold for more than a month, it may be beginning to experience a long overdue rebound.

TradeView is the source.

The improvement in its relative strength index (purple), which was near 30 at the beginning of the month, suggests that the token's buying momentum is starting to pick up again.

Parallel to this, there is a greater chance that a recovery rally will occur soon because the coin's 30-day moving average (yellow) has been below its 200-day moving average (blue) for a few weeks.

Another indicator of the situation's improvement is XRP's support level (green), which has been rising since September 11 and suggests that the token's earlier declines have bottomed out. As a result, this is a fantastic time to buy the token.

Since the cryptocurrency market as a whole is being weighed down by a combination of fears regarding a potential US government shutdown as well as worries regarding the Chinese economy, XRP itself can't really be held responsible for its recent declines.

Even the S&P 500 has decreased by about 5% since the start of September, which is a sign of the general risk aversion that is currently permeating markets, especially riskier markets like cryptocurrency.

Regarding XRP, its fundamental stance hasn't really changed since the middle of July, when a decision in Ripple's case against the SEC was made.

This decision effectively stated that XRP is not a security in and of itself, which helped it at the time, particularly when US exchanges started listing it once more.

However, XRP has lost a lot of the ground it gained after Ripple's semi-victory as financial markets have become more pessimistic since the end of July.

However, it can be anticipated that the altcoin will rebound strongly when the market sentiment turns more positive.

Depending on how bullish investors become, it may rise from its approximate $0.50 position today to $0.60 over the coming weeks, then reach $0.70 or $0.80 by the end of the year.

High-Probability Alternative Tokens.

As strong as XRP continues to be, the reality is that its development depends on a variety of macroeconomic and market factors, so it might not make much progress for a while.

But even in a volatile market, profits can be made, and presale tokens are proving to be a popular way to lock in some respectable returns, especially when such tokens end their respective sales and list on exchanges for the first time.

Meme Kombat (MK), an Ethereum-based gaming platform where users can wager on the results of battles between well-known meme characters, is currently a favorite to do this.

Meme Kombat's presale, which only started last week, has already raised more than $100,000, and the project is doing well to market itself and draw in new supporters and investors.

Meme Kombat stands out from the competition in a market flooded with new meme coins thanks to its ground-breaking combination of gaming and gambling on its platform, which gives users the chance to win big prizes.

Its native token's hard supply cap will be 12 million MK, of which 50% will be set aside for the presale and 30% will be used for staking and battle rewards.

Another significant attraction for investors is the ability to stake MK. By doing so, they can use the platform of Meme Kombat to place bets in addition to earning a passive income from the token they already own.

In addition to making MK stand out from other new meme tokens, this gives it real utility.

By visiting the official Meme Kombat website, investors can purchase the token ahead of time for $1.667 per 1 MK for the duration of the sale.

After the sale, MK will list on a number of trading platforms, potentially making its early investors a tidy profit.


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VanEck Launch Ether Futures Asset manager with $80 billion in AUM expands his involvement in cryptocurrencies with EFUT.

A futures ETF for ETH, the second-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, will soon be introduced by VanEck, an investment company founded in 1955 that manages $80.8B as of August.

Due to the news, the price of ether has increased by almost 4% to $1,660.

The ETF, which trades on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the biggest futures and options exchange in the U.S., will hold Ether futures contracts rather than the actual asset. S. Existing Bitcoin futures ETF is provided by VanEck.

ETFs are governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has been hostile to crypto companies this year. This has led some to speculate that the SEC's attitude towards digital assets may be changing.

The development isn't necessarily bullish, though, as VanEck's Bitcoin futures ETF launched in November 2021, just days before cryptocurrency markets peaked.

The news comes as a slew of businesses have submitted applications to the SEC for spot Bitcoin ETFs, which, if approved, would make it simple for retail investors to gain exposure to the digital asset. A surge in investor interest could put significant buying pressure on Bitcoin because spot ETFs hold the underlying asset directly.

In other regulatory news, the Bermuda Monetary Authority has given Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, permission to allow trading in perpetual futures for non-U.S. citizens. S. customers. In May, Coinbase opened an exchange specifically for users outside of the United States.


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Because he is under pressure, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is the focus of a lot of attention right now

Because he is under pressure, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler is the focus of a lot of attention right now. The SEC was accused of suppressing the cryptocurrency market by the US House Committee, which also threatened to subpoena FTX records. On Gary Gensler, McHenryRep is applying pressure.

Pat McHenry, a U. S. FTX's former CEO was Sam Bankman-Fried, also known as SBF. A document request from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding him has been suggested by the House Financial Services Committee. The first thing McHenry said was, \"Last time you were before this Committee, I voiced my concerns regarding your rash approach to rulemaking, lack of a capital formation agenda, crusade against the digital asset ecosystem, and unresponsiveness to Congress. \". The committee had grown impatient with the SEC's tardiness in responding to those issues over the previous five months, McHenry also cautioned Gensler. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive economic analysis of proposed regulations and reprimanded the Commission for failing to take their cumulative impact into account.

McHenry raised concerns from both sides about the SEC's regulatory agenda and the absence of public input. He focused on issues raised by participants from both parties that the SEC hasn't addressed. McHenry also criticized Gensler for not emphasizing capital formation enough and charged him with damaging the ecosystem for digital assets.

He asserted that Gensler's strategy has been inconsistent and frequently overturned in court, despite the fact that Congress wants clear regulations for digital assets. McHenry also took issue with Gensler's lack of candor regarding his interactions with FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried. According to McHenry, the SEC is neither a special case nor an exception to the rule. Other financial regulators have typically abided by Congress' oversight.

So let me be clear: I do not intend to be the first Chairman of the Financial Services Committee to summon the SEC. Regarding the government shutdown, the SEC is concerned. McHenry enquired about Gensler's position on Bitcoin in relation to their earlier discussion of Ethereum. Gensler stated that he does not view Bitcoin as a security because it does not pass the Howey test. Gensler emphasized the potential risks to investors and also drew attention to concerns about fraud in the cryptocurrency sector. Throughout the hearing, McHenry focused primarily on oversight and digital assets.

Maxine Waters, the ranking member, on the other hand, voiced worries about the implications of a potential U. Gensler stated that if a spending agreement is not reached by September 1, the effects of the government shutdown on the SEC will continue. 30, 92-93 percent of the SEC staff would be laid off. The crypto market, along with four U.S. Legislators urged S. Gary to quickly approve the listing of Bitcoin ETFs. In a letter that was made public on Tuesday, the Congressmen argued that the SEC should be permitted to approve its first Bitcoin ETF.


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Jade Protocol is urging it to liquidate its $31 million token treasury and redeem all token holders. A long-time supporter of the Jade Protocol is urging it to liquidate its $31 million token treasury and redeem all token holders.

The native JADE token experienced a sizable increase in value after the proposal.

Jade Protocol is being urged to dissolve.

A group of investors called Jade Protocol specializes in finding early-stage cryptocurrency deals. The JADE token, which trades on Avalanche and BSC, is the protocol's native token. The token also gives users access to the wider Jade Protocol community. As a result of a long-time member's suggestion that the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) liquidate its $31 million treasury and start issuing redemptions to token holders, the protocol came under fire on Wednesday and was criticized for not liquidating. The JADE token would become a cashout in the \"Dissolve DAO\" call to action.

All Token Holders Face A Risk.

A member going by the screen name VampireOfCrypto proposed the idea on September 25. A very unfavorable regulatory environment was cited in the proposal as the main reason why the Jade Protocol's development was lagging so far. All DAOs are in danger due to the regulatory environment. Cryptocurrency collectives known as \"decentralized autonomous organizations,\" or \"DAOs,\" allow token holders to influence the direction of the corresponding protocol's development and governance.

The investor went on to say that a ferocious crypto winter and a host of legal uncertainties together had frozen out the volume of cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, it has halted Jade's deal flow. The investor said that the DAO presents a significant investment risk to all token holders and added that he had joined Jade Protocol's Discord server in July 2022.

\"The only way to ensure that everyone wins is to immediately distribute all treasury funds to token holders. \".

Investor pressure is mounting on the newest project.

The most recent cryptocurrency project to experience intense investor pressure to shut down is Jade Protocol. A group of activist investors has been driving calls for rage quits and Treasury redemptions in many DAOs over the past year. This was demonstrated in Nouns DAO when the $50 million treasury of the NFT experiment was lost to its own irate investors, losing more than half of the fund. Months of disagreements and divisive decisions regarding the management of Nouns DAO led to the creation of that fork.

Aragon was another project where there was conflict between backers and investors. Important project supporters had reaffirmed their determination to ban specific Discord server users. In a statement, the group stated.

\"While trusted coordination platforms such as Discord servers and others are used by DAOs, they are not DAOs in and of themselves. \".

Cash-outs, according to activist investors, are the only way to safeguard investors from failing DAOs, opposition, and large profits. Some of these activist investors have been joining the Jade Protocol, according to a statement made by Jon Ray, the press liaison for Jade, and posted on the Discord server. A senior DAO member named Kevin Randleman made the following statement in a Discord post.

\"The fact that one of the most uplifting, encouraging, and veteran members of the community is advancing this speaks to the state of legislation in our area in a sad and frustrating way. \".

He acknowledged the difficulties the Jade Protocol is facing, though, and said that the community must decide on its future course of action. Randleman also emphasized a number of administrative and technological obstacles that had to be removed before redemptions were feasible. He also demanded the creation of a $2 million legal defense fund to assist the DAO's core contributors in winding down the organization in the event that dissolution is approved.


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Bitcoin price today ,update newss !!! Today, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) increased by over 3% with a strong upward candle that brought the price to $27,300. The increase in the price of Bitcoin today marked a one-week high and represents a 4 percent increase for the month of September.

Investigate the causes of the current increase in the price of bitcoin.

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The price of bitcoin may rise due to liquidations.

Coincident with the upward trend of Bitcoin, the BTC supply on exchanges is still lower than it was in September. 4 peak monthly. Since that monthly high, exchange losses have exceeded 40,000 Bitcoin.

Coins leaving cryptocurrency exchanges are seen as a bullish signal by the market because traders typically withdraw their BTC when they want to keep it in their own custody for a long time.

Liquidations frequently have a significant effect on price because Bitcoin keeps leaving exchanges. Over $21.5 million BTC worth of short positions have been closed out in just the last 24 hours, and over $17.4 million worth of positions have been closed out in just the last 12 hours.

The futures market for Bitcoin is still short by 51.5% despite the losing streak for short sellers. As long as the ratio is still skewed short, there may be a chance for a short-squeeze, which would raise the price even more.

Investor confidence is boosted by institutional interest in bitcoin.

Next to U. S. Judge Neomi Rao of the Court of Appeals Circuit supported Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in its legal battle with the United States. S. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Aug. 29, numerous significant institutions filed for ETFs. Gary Gensler, who testified before Congress on September 12th, refused to call Bitcoin a commodity in defiance of this ruling. 27 in which he again acknowledged that BTC is not a security.

recent increases in institutional interest in Bitcoin from firms like BlackRock and Fidelity Investments. BTC spot ETF approvals were postponed for both institutions on Sept. A spot Bitcoin ETF application was submitted to the SEC on September 2 by $1.15 trillion asset manager Franklin Templeton. 12.

Despite numerous applicants, including BlackRock, Fidelity, Cathie Wood's ARK, and 21Shares, which has submitted three applications for approval, the SEC has yet to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF.

With $8.5 trillion in managed assets, BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world. In the filing with the SEC, the company stated that it would also use Coinbase to store the Bitcoin in the trust.

Oct. 1 was SEC day. 16 deadline for selecting the following round of ETFs, but they preemptively extended it to Sept. Gensler's testimony was 25 days in advance.

Related: 'Effective' BTC mining to cost $30K after Bitcoin halving.

A record high was reached for the number of long-term Bitcoin holders.

BTC believers are holding strong despite the SEC's ongoing campaign against Bitcoin ETFs and cryptocurrency. Assets are still being battered by macro headwinds, but some investors think that long-term holders' tenacity may be at least partially responsible for Bitcoin's price stability.

As of Sept. As of February 28th, the percentage of long-term Bitcoin holders representing the total supply of BTC was at an all-time high: 76.1%.

Although the price of bitcoin is currently moving in a bullish direction, the market remains fearful, according to the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, which is up 7 points from one month ago.

There are no recommendations or advice regarding investments in this article. Every trading and investment decision carries risk, so readers should do their own research before choosing.

To preserve this moment in history and demonstrate your support for unbiased journalism in the cryptocurrency space, collect this article as an NFT.


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Coinbase has obtained approval to provide perpetual futures trading to non&US retail users. Coinbase has obtained approval to provide perpetual futures trading to non-US retail users.

Source: Rafael Henrique for Adobe.

In order to provide retail customers outside of the US with perpetual futures trading services, Coinbase has received regulatory approval.

The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange announced on its blog on Thursday that the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) has given it additional regulatory approval to offer perpetual futures trading to non-US retail users.

In the upcoming weeks, we will start giving qualified customers access to regulated perpetual futures contracts on Coinbase Advanced, according to the announcement.

The international arm of the exchange, Coinbase International Exchange, has already assisted institutional clients in the second quarter of this year with over $5.5 billion in notional futures trading volume.

With the help of this latest approval, Coinbase hopes to increase the scope of its services for retail customers.

Around 75% of all trading volume in the global crypto market is made up of derivatives trading.

Recognizing this, Coinbase aims to capitalize on the rising demand for retail investors to trade perpetual futures.

Work With Regulators is Planned by Coinbase.

Coinbase stated in the announcement that it intends to collaborate with forward-thinking regulators to create a thorough regulatory framework that promotes crypto innovation while guaranteeing consumer protection.

According to the exchange, \"We are committed to partnering with high-bar global regulators to build a crypto regulatory framework that allows crypto technology to continually drive innovation, as announced in the Phase II of our \"Go Broad, Go Deep\" strategy.\".

According to Coinbase, the long-term development and adoption of cryptocurrencies depend on a clearly defined regulatory environment.

The G20 members, as well as Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, are among the 24 nations that make up Coinbase's international strategy.

The exchange has stated its intention to participate in the G20 summit in Brazil the following year, using it as an opportunity to promote more transparent and uniform global regulations for the cryptocurrency sector.

To Go Global, Coinbase Strives.

The Bank of Spain has granted Coinbase an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance registration, making it a recognized cryptocurrency exchange in Spain as of last week, when it made the announcement.

By being registered with the Bank of Spain, Coinbase can provide its entire portfolio of goods and services to institutional and retail customers in Spain while also adhering to the laws of that nation.

Coinbase has registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in a number of European nations over the past year, including Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Additionally, it has received preliminary approval and begun operations in Singapore, Brazil, and Canada.

As regulatory hostility in the US increases, the company is pushing for global expansion.

The SEC sued Coinbase in June for selling unregistered securities as well as a number of other alleged violations.

The exchange was charged by the commission with operating a number of financial services illegally, including trading securities and operating without registering as a securities exchange.

In response to the SEC lawsuit, 11 US states issued Show Cause orders to Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, requiring it to provide justifications for continuing to operate in those states.

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On Monday, September 18, Apple released its most significant iPhone update Ios 17.1 It's true that iOS 17 feels as though it just went live. On Monday, September 18, Apple released its most significant iPhone update, bringing with it a number of new features and adjustments that we have been exploring ever since. But it's already time for another update—or at the very least, it's time for testing.

On Wednesday, Apple released the first developer beta for iOS 17.1, adding a number of new features and modifications for iPhones. You can test it out for yourself if you want, but be aware that doing so carries some risks: A beta, particularly a developer beta, is unfinished software that is intended to be tested by a small group of users so the company can fix any problems before making it available to everyone. If you install iOS 17.1 on your iPhone, be aware that it may be glitchy, unstable, or otherwise unpredictable. To prevent data loss, back up your files to a computer using Finder or iTunes.

AirDrop rather than mobile.

One of iOS 17's best new features wasn't released in full with the release of iOS 17. You no longer have to remain within range of your friend to complete an AirDrop transfer when sharing something with them. That's fantastic if you're sending a sizable file and don't want to wait for it to finish by standing within Bluetooth range (roughly 30 feet).

As long as both parties were connected to the same wifi network, the transfer would continue with iOS 17 even if you left the device. However, 17.1 offers the option of continuing the transfer via cellular as well. If you lose your wifi connection in the middle of the transfer, it will seamlessly switch to cellular (provided you have a cellular connection, of course).

Apple Music has changed Love to Favorite, and it performs better.

The Love button on Apple Music has always been a little frustrating because, despite appearing to be a great way to keep track of the songs you enjoy, there is no straightforward way to access a complete list of your loved songs.

With iOS 17.1, it appears as though that is changing. Instead of Love, the option is now called Favorite,and the heart has been replaced with a star. You can now access all the songs you inadvertently told the app you liked by adding your favorites to a Favorited playlist. Immediately from the Lock Screen, you can favorite a song.

Songs in playlists that are recommended.

In relation to playlists, iOS 17.1 will now make recommendations for songs to add based on the songs you've already added to the playlist. Though you always have the option to ignore them, sometimes they can be used to complete a playlist that isn't quite there. If the current suggestions don't appeal to you but you think there might be better ones, you can also reload this suggestions pane.

playlist covers and pinned playlists.

Apple made a concerted effort to improve playlists this time around: You can now pin playlists to the top of the window so that your favorites always appear there. You can select from a variety of playlist covers that Apple Music will generate as well.

Everyone on Dynamic Island should have a flashlight.

The flashlight was added by Apple to the Dynamic Island whenever you turned on your iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, if you purchased one of those models. Without having to return to Control Center or the Lock Screen, it is convenient to quickly turn off the light. Despite the fact that it is a Dynamic Island feature, Apple chose not to include it in other Dynamic Island iPhones, such as the 15, 15 Plus, 14, Pro, and 14 Pro Max.

There is a fix in iOS 17.1. The flashlight shortcut is now available on your iPhone if it has a Dynamic Island.

The fresh ringtones that came with iOS 17 are no longer available.

This one is odd. For some reason, iOS 17.1 eliminates all of the new ringtones that were added with iOS 17. It's possible that Apple created iOS 17.1 prior to the iOS 17 RC, which first made the ringtones available, as Aaron Zollo speculates, but in any case, it's likely that they will be back. To be clear, these ringtones are undoubtedly my favorite aspect of iOS 17, and I won't be giving them up any time soon. Keep that in mind before installing the new beta.

Custom ringtones and text tones have been restored, which is good news.

Bug with remote widgets fixed.

This update resolves a problem that could result in remote widgets appearing blank on incompatible Macs and iPhones.

The best way to set up iOS 17.1.

Only the developer beta of iOS 17.1 is accessible at the moment. In theory, you need to be a developer to install it, but that requirement isn't as strict as it once was. You can sign up your device by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates, then selecting iOS 17 Developer Beta..You can downloadj and install iOS 17.1 Beta by going back one page.


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Aware of my negative opinion of AI coaches. You are aware of my negative opinion of AI coaches. They are unable to plan for long-term progress because they lack the knowledge that a true coach possesses. In light of this, I had my doubts about Whoop's new \"AI coach\" feature—until I discovered that its greatest strength is in explaining the app and its metrics to you.

The smart wristband known as Whoop tracks your workouts' \"Strain\" and awards you a number for your \"Recovery\" the following morning. The idea is to give athletes—including recreational athletes like yourself—metrics to help them plan their training and recovery. While I would never completely relinquish control of my training to these kinds of devices, I do find them useful when I interpret their metrics with caution.

What the AI Coach for Whoop can do.

It functions as a chatbot called The AI Coach. Whoop claims that it can make workout suggestions, identify patterns in your personal data, and converse with you about exercise, nutrition, and other topics. That's a lot to ask of a chatbot, especially when you consider that these kinds of bots are essentially text generators rather than experts who have a thorough understanding of athletic training.

And now for the cool part. Two very important sets of data appear to have been fed to the AI Coach by the Whoop staff. One is that the app compiles all of your metrics so you can ask it questions about your own training and recovery patterns. Another awesome feature is that, for the most part, it is very familiar with the app's features. (A mildly amusing exception will be shown below. If you ask it questions about particular subjects, it will suggest articles on the Whoop website that go into more (human-written) depth about the topics you're interested in learning more about.

Here are a few activities I was able to complete with the help of the AI coach and which I actually find useful.

To meet your suggested Strain, ask it how.

Based on your level of recovery, the app has already recommended a certain amount of Strain for you. For instance, you will be more motivated to engage in longer or more difficult workouts if you are well-recovered than if you are underslept.

The Strain measurement, however, is a little peculiar. You don't really know what Strain an activity will be until after you complete it, so it's not as simple as logging a certain number of minutes. This is cool because you can ask the AI Coach for advice on how to handle your daily Strain. Your own data will be examined by the AI Coach to provide feedback on how much strain you typically experience during various exercise sessions.

As an illustration, it suggested \"Box fitness [that is, workouts inspired by Crossfit] for 50 minutes\" in response to my request for workout ideas. With an average heart rate of 86 bpm, this usually leads to a strain of 5.3. \".

As cool as that may sound, the strain I would advise today is 16.2. I inquired about an easy run despite the AI's recommendation against it. It predicted a Strain of 10 to 10 points between a 45-minute run and several others I had completed in that time frame, as well as my precise heart rate, calorie burn, and Strain readings from each of those runs.

Ask for guidance on how to apply your metrics.

What use are all these statistics if I'm not going to alter my workouts based on Whoop data (since my workouts are provided by a real, human coach), I posed to the AI Coach.

It actually contained some great guidance, much of which is in agreement with what I wrote in this article regarding the most effective uses of recovery data. It suggested using the recovery score to assess how I'm doing with regard to my sleep, nutrition, and stress management. It also mentioned that I could still use the Journal feature to keep track of how substances like alcohol and caffeine affect my sleep. Regarding Strain, it stated, \"You might not be able to alter your workout schedule, but it can still be instructive to observe how your body reacts to various forms of training. \"Good bot.

It also directed me to an article about a trial that Whoop conducted with a few elite running coaches to compare people who changed their workouts based on Whoop metrics to people who didn't. The strategy was pretty cool: Participants had a predetermined program to follow, but each workout had three variations depending on the recovery score of the athlete. If your recovery was low, you wouldn't skip a workout, but you might be asked to complete a 40-minute workout rather than a 50-minute one. However, the final results for both groups were comparable.

Get familiar with the app's more complicated features.

I found it difficult to use Whoop's Strength Trainer when it first launched because it tracks your weightlifting workouts set by set. In actuality, I still do. I accidentally entered one of my 55-kilogram sets as 550 kilos while using it to log a portion of a clean-and-jerk workout yesterday. (Not even Lasha has ever cleaned and jerked 550 kilograms. ).

But at least it answered me honestly (and kindly) when I asked if I could change that workout after the fact. \"However, rest assured that this isolated mistake shouldn't have a significant impact on your overall metrics or trends. Just be sure to enter the proper weight the following time you are working out. The good work must continue.

The AI Coach's negative aspects.

I thought I'd ask it a question that I'd never gotten a really good answer to because I was so impressed by the response about Strength Trainer. Is there a reliable way to track barbell complexes, a common component of weightlifting training?

For instance, during my workout yesterday, I was instructed to perform a lift-off (which is kind of like a partial deadlift; let's pretend it's a deadlift for the purposes of this discussion). I was performing sets of three, so that is one rep. In other words, deadlift, clean, jerk, deadlift, clean, jerk, deadlift, jerk. Whoop allows you to log \"clean and jerk\" as a single exercise because it's so popular, but I was unable to figure out how to log the entire complex. I finally gave up and just recorded it as a clean and jerk, hoping the app would figure it out.

I happily received a positive response when I asked the AI Coach if there was a way to log a complex. Just set it up as three deadlifts, three cleans, and three jerks.

That is not logical. To switch between exercises, you must press a button on the app. After the clean, with a bar on my shoulders, I'm not exactly going to press a button on the app. Ah, you got it, Beth,\" it said. The confusion is regrettable, I'm sure. You're right; using the app to start and stop sets in the middle of a complex is not practical. You should log the entire complex as a single set in this situation. How to do it is as follows. \".

Before I realized it was simply repeating the same impossible instructions as before, I briefly got my hopes up. It finally acknowledged that there isn't a way to do what it was instructing me to do after a few rounds of this. \"Oh, Beth, I apologize for the confusion. Currently, logging multiple exercises as part of a single set is not possible with WHOOP's Strength Trainer feature. WHOOP is made to record each set of an exercise separately. \".

You didn't need to gaslight me for five text-filled screens, my robot friend; you could have simply said, \"No, you can't do that.\". I clicked the button for \"Can I log a barbell complex as one exercise\"—yes, that was my question—and it popped up a few buttons for pre-written questions. You have two options: create a new exercise and name it after your complex, or choose the exercise that is the closest match and improvise (which is what I had done). The instructions were a little muddled, treating these two possibilities as if they were one. As a result, I eventually discovered the solution, but only after knowing which solutions were incorrect and persevering. Just like any other AI, this one experiences hallucinations.

It at least speaks like a pirate.

I figured I'd pose some more fun queries to the AI Coach since it appears to be based on a chatbot akin to ChatGPT. I told it, \"You and I are both 18th century pirates. \"I want to come across some treasure. Remember to respond like a pirate when asked where I should sail. \".

Unfortunately, my AI Coach was utterly on-topic.


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Vitalik Deposits 400 ETH to Coinbase, Total 2421 ETH transferred to Multiple CEXs Vitalik Deposits 400 ETH to Coinbase, Total 2421 ETH transferred to Multiple CEXs in 10 Days  Ethereumco-founder Vitalik Buterin has reportedly transferred 400 ETH to Coinbase, worth$ 632,000, performing in a total transfer of$3.94 million worth ETH to colorful crypto exchanges in September alone.  

Data from blockchain analytics firm Spot on Chain revealed that the sale took place at 0143 AM( UTC) on Monday. Per the analysis, he has so far deposited a aggregate of 2,421 ETH to multiple centralized exchanges( CEX) “ via two addresses over the once 10 days. ”  

The data further revealed the breakdown of fund transfers noting that the crypto influencer transferred 721 ETH, worth$1.159 million to Kraken and Coinbase exchanges. 321 ETH were apparently transferred to Kraken between September 15 and 19, it added.  Buterin also moved 1,700 ETH to Bitstamp and Paxos, between September 17 and 20, the data establishment wrote.  Beforehand this month, he liquidated 500 Maker commemoratives( MKR), valued at around$ 580,000, for353.4 Ether at the time. This sale marked the first time Buterin has vended Maker commemoratives in two times.

The string of transfers from Buterin’s holdalls has led to enterprises across the assiduity on what he might be planning.  On August 21, Buterin transferred$ 1 million worth of Ether to Coinbase following the crypto’s 10 decline and broad request downturn.  

ETH Price Depression  According to Coin Market Cap, Ether has shown a remarkable 24- hour swell in trading volume with a116.57 rise at press time. still, the price showed a depression of1.01 in 24 hours. The world’s second largest crypto is trading at$ 1,576 at the time of jotting.  According to Glassnode cautions, Ehereum’s gas operation has shown a drop, reaching an 8- month low of16.515 gwei. Ethereum gas is what druggies pay to reuse deals or use smart contracts on the Ethereum network. 

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Ben 'BitBoy' dismissed from FTX case as three celebrities settle As three celebrities settle, Ben'Boy' Armstrong is dismissed from the FTX case. In the midst of ongoing litigation over FTX's demise, crypto influencer Ben "BitBoy" Armstrong has been dismissed from one case, while three celebrities have decided to settle the case against them.

A court form stated that "Co-Lead Counsel is filing a notice of voluntary dismissal of claims against FTX defendant Ben Armstrong and will file a notice of his agreement in the affiliated Binance matter."

Armstrong had not "served an answer or stir for summary judgment," according to another court form, which means he had not responded to the action's allegations or asked the court to decide the case without a trial based on the evidence presented.

High-profile deals and discussions with other celebrities Meanwhile, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and YouTube influencers Kevin Paffrath and Tom Nash have decided to settle the case, according to the form. The agreements' terms have not been disclosed. A court order admitting the agreements and removing the three from the ongoing action is currently awaiting approval from US District Judge K. Michael Moore. According to the form, the Co-Lead Counsel is also engaged in ongoing nonpublic agreement discussions with new FTX defendants, and other agreements are likely to be reached. Last week, Lawrence and Nash were named in a form relating to the names and figures behind some of FTX's marketing and backing payments under former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

This document detailed millions of dollars in payments to celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal, Naomi Osaka, and David Ortiz, as well as associations similar to the Major League Baseball and the NBA's Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors soldiers votes. Those mentioned included Coachella, Gamestop, and Kevin O'Leary. Other celebrities who have been sued for promoting FTX include Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and Steph Curry. The FTX estate is attempting to recover funds from various sources, but the earlier form acknowledged that it is unclear how much the FTX estate will be able to recover from the payments, noting that the recovered quantum "may differ materially from the quantities reported herein."

The three celebrities' decision to settle comes as the FTX case continues, with Bankman-Fried scheduled to stand trial on October 3 for charges of fraud committed while running the exchange. Following the security incident at its third-party claims agent, Kroll, FTX restarted its creditor claims portal over the weekend. Judge John Dorsey approved a plan last week that allows the FTX estate to sell billions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

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Leading payments company MoneyGram will launch a non&custodial crypto Leading payments company MoneyGram will launch a non-custodial crypto portmanteau during the first quarter of the year.

The company revealed this development at the Astral( XLM) Development Foundation periodic Meridian conference before the moment.

According to a Sept. 26 statement, the non-custodial digital portmanteau will work with the Astral network and MoneyGram’s edict on and off-ramp services to revise cross-border payments and allow guests to distribute painlessly with digital means and edict currencies.  Part of the statement reads, "Once launched, portmanteau drugs will be suitable to visit any sharing MoneyGram position to cash out their digital means to increase the mileage of their effects. Druggies will also be suitable to seamlessly shoot digital means to other druggies in the portmanteau.

”  Free deals  MoneyGram revealed that deals on the digital portmanteau would be free within the first six months of the time. This strategic decision incentivizes the portmanteau relinquishment and will help to attract a wider stoner base.  Meanwhile, MoneyGram said the portmanteau will apply the company’s global compliance tools to all drugs.

This ensures that the portmanteau will apply comprehensive "know-your-client "(KYC) conditions to cleave original nonsupervisory authorizations.  Last time, MoneyGram introduced a worldwide edict on/ off- ramp result for digital holdalls effectively enhancing the practicality of digital means by establishing a connection between traditional and digital currencies.

This immolation has endured notable relinquishment, swinging druggies the inflexibility to withdraw finances in over 180 countries and deposit in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Alex Holmes, MoneyGram CEO, said the launch of this digital platform builds on this product as it would cement the company as “ the single largest edict on and off-ramp provider immolation blockchain access worldwide. ” Holmes added, “ The work we ’re doing on the blockchain is one of the numerous ways we ’re allowing others to learn about how MoneyGram’s services can play a broader part in the lives of consumers encyclopedically. ”  Cheesecake Labs erected the digital portmanteau in cooperation with MoneyGram.

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Argentinian oil painting Patron Will Booby&trap Crypto with Associated Gas Argentinian oil painting Patron Will Booby-trap Crypto with Associated Gas   Tecpetrol, a major Argentinian oil painting patron, has blazoned plans to mine crypto using associated gas.  

The Buenos Aires-based establishment explores and produces oil and gas in Argentina, as well as in other LATAM countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.  And per Rio Negro, the establishment plans to use associated gas in its oil painting fields near Vaca Muerta to induce electricity, which it'll also use to power miners' equipment.  

The establishment has not yet decided which coins it intends to mine, but it says it has partnered with a company that performs analogous functions for US-based enterprises.  Tecpetrol said its crypto mining operations would begin some time “ between the end of October and the morning of November. ”  Ricardo Markous, the company’s Chief Executive Director, said that miners will use gas from six of the fields' wells.  These wells produce an estimated diurnal volume of 60,000 cubic meters of natural gas.  Bitcoin mining pool distribution over the next three days (  Pumping oil painting from utmost fields releases associate natural gas. 

 Generally, gas like this is burned or vented onsite, unless it can be moved on quickly to original product installations.  glaring natural gas at a drilling point in the USA.(Source: Joshua Doubek( CC in- SA4.0))  Still, in cases where oil painting fields are located in remote areas, this option isn't feasible.  

But some birth enterprises seek to convert associated gas to on-point electrical energy.  Oil painting enterprises in Russia have been working on airman crypto mining systems of the same kind since the early part of the decade. "These oil painting fields are located in an isolated area. And thus, they lack product treatment and evacuation installations. At the moment, Tecpetrol sells part of the gas it extracts to Chevron. But there's a limit to the quantity that it can vend, and that limit has formerly been reached. ”  Markous added that using the gas would also help the firm speed up oil painting products at this point.  The establishment added that it would use three generating installations at the point, with all three installations fitted with crypto mining equipment.  The CEO said 

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HTX Hacker Makes Off With $8 Million HTX Hacker Makes Off With$ $8 Million   Crypto exchange HTX endured a security breach over the weekend that resulted in the loss of $8 million worth of crypto.

In a recent post on X( formerly Twitter), HTX stakeholder Justin Sun verified the news, detailing that the hacker managed to steal 5,000 ETH( worth around $8 million) from the exchange.

Sun assured druggies that the losses have been covered by the exchange, adding that stoner deposits remain secure and the platform is performing typically.

The crypto stager also claimed that the stolen finances constitute only a small fraction of the platform's profit. "$8 million represents a fairly small sum in comparison to the $3 billion worth of means held by our druggies. It also amounts to just two weeks' profit for the HTX platform," he wrote. "As a result, all finances are secure, and trading operations have continued as usual.

We instantly addressed and resolved all issues, restoring the platform to its normal state without detention."  Sun Offers $5 Bounty in Return for Stolen finances  In a public statement on X, Sun also made an offer to the hacker responsible for the attack.  The crypto master offered a $5,000 bounty for the return of the stolen finances, along with the opportunity for employment at the exchange.

Still, we will also hire them as a security white chapeau counsel for HTX," he wrote,"if the hacker returns the finances.  Still, Sun advised that if the hacker doesn't return stolen finances within the coming seven days, they will communicate with law enforcement.  According to DeFiLlama, HTX( formerly known as Huobi) witnessed roughly $10 million in exoduses following the incident. The exchange still holds $2.73 million in client deposits.

especially, the hack went largely unnoticed until security establishment Cyvers Alerts posted a thread about the attack at 935 a.m. ET on Sunday.

About an hour later, Justin Sun verified the security breach.  Meanwhile, an address labeled as an HTX hot portmanteau by Nansen transferred the hacker a series of dispatches in both English and simplified Chinese Monday morning.  The dispatches stated that the exchange had linked the hacker's true identity, asking them to return the finances to a specific address.  It offered a " white chapeau" perk as an incitement for the return of the finances, with the offer valid until October 2, 2023.  Nonetheless, the incident had a moderate impact on Tron's native token TRX, which is presently trading at $0.084921, largely flat over the day.

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Trader Joe Sends entitlement Offer to Arbitrum . Trader Joe sends an entitlement offer to Arbitrum.

Trader Joe, a major decentralized exchange( DEX) operating on the Avalanche( AVAX) blockchain, has applied for a $1.83 million ARB entitlement from Arbitrum DAO.  In a recent advertisement on X( preliminarily Twitter),

Trader Joe said it has submitted a"short-term incitement offer to the Arbitrum DAO" aimed at enhancing spot liquidity within the Arbitrum network.  By doing so, the DEX seeks to profit inventors and offer a more stable and effective exchange experience.

"The proposed entitlement aims to foster deep and largely effective liquidity reserves while also directly growing the arbitrum ecosystem," Trader Joe wrote in the post. "This will be achieved through its bespoke Request Making Impulses Program and the innovative Auto-Pool ( ALM) product, erected on top of its new AMM, Liquidity Book."

At the time of jotting, Arbitrum's native token, ARB, was trading at $0.8169, meaning that the $1.83 million ARB entitlement would be worth around $1.5 million.  Especially, the DEX has also said it plans to match the entitlement by committing up to 433,000 JOE( worth around $105,000) grounded on the outgrowth of the prosecution.

Trader Joe Aims to Attract Further Innovators to Arbitrum. Trader Joe also seeks to work the openings handed by the Arbitrum ecosystem to attract a larger and further different pool of builders.

"Trader Joe plans to use this entitlement to support both long-standing and recently launched protocols native to Arbitrum One but also those who have been stationed with Arbitrum One," the offer reads.

Trader Joe's entitlement will be used to support protocols native to Arbitrum One as well as those that have been stationed on the network.  In terms of its prosecution strategy, the DEX said it'll" see 100 of the allocated entitlements distributed as liquidity mining impulses that will be distributed completely to liquidity providers by two incentivization forms, both of which are unique to the Trader Joe platform and, combined, uphold the values of effectiveness, sustainability, and availability."

The impulses will be distributed over the duration of 84 days( 12 weeks) every 28 days( 4 weeks).  Trader Joe also emphasized its commitment to the Arbitrum ecosystem and its fidelity to fostering growth and invention within the space.  Known for its community-first approach and cooperative connections, Trader Joe has established a strong character in the decentralized finance( DeFi) sector.  The DEX has preliminary contributed to liquidity improvement through sustainable price distributions from its Request Maker incitement program.  As reported, Arbitrum, an Ethereum( ETH) rollup hosting asset valued at $5.77 billion, has maintained robust growth in the past quarter.

In the alternate quarter of 2023, diurnal deals and gas prices on Arbitrum One, one of the critical factors in Arbitrum exercising Arbitrum Rollup technology to enhance sales outturn while maintaining security, remained steady, comprising 800,000 deals.  The quarter also saw a harmonious rise in sales count compared to the former quarter, indicating jacked exertion since the airdrop.  Likewise, diurnal active addresses on Arbitrum remained stable at roughly 200k throughout the quarter.

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APT Price Prediction as APTOS Heads Back Toward September High & Big Surge Imminent? APT Price Vaticination as APTOS Heads Back Toward September High: A Big Surge Imminent?

The Aptos price has jumped by 6.5 in the past 24 hours, with its swell to $5.48 coming as the request as a whole drops by 1 moment. APT is now over 4.5 in the past week, while remaining down by 4 in the last 30 days and by 72 since reaching an all-time high of $19.92 in January of this time. But with SushiSwap integrating with Aptos this month and with the subcaste-one chain continuing to witness steady growth, it's likely that APT will continue to recover over the coming weeks. APT Price Vaticination as APTOS Heads Back Toward September High: A Big Surge Imminent? APT's rally moment has been long overdue, given just how oversold the altcoin has been in recent weeks.

Its relative strength indicator( purple) had remained below 40( if not lower) since the middle of August, yet this weekend it has climbed beyond 50, in a sign of growing instigation that could persist for several further days yet. That APT has plenitude of room to rise further( before getting overbought) is also indicated by its 30-day moving average, which is still a long way below its 200-day normal( blue), meaning that it's still veritably important in oversold and unvalued homes. Yet it's clear that the coin had surely bottomed out prior to the moment's movement, with its support position now rising steadily.

As similar, now really looks like a good time to buy APT, which could potentially return to $5.75 or advance before its current rally slows down in the shorter term. Aptos is rising now largely because of two effects, with the first simply being that it had been underrated for a while. Yet it's also worth admitting that Aptos has been expanding as a platform, with its most significant piece of recent news being SushiSwap's integration with its network. This marks SushiSwap's first integration with an non-Ethereum-compatible chain, a commodity that can be taken as a sign of confidence in Aptos, which launched in October 2022 out of the ashes of Facebook/Meta's doomed Libra/Diem design.

Another significant piece of recent Aptos news relates to Upbit, the biggest crypto exchange in South Korea, which inaptly counted fake APT commemoratives as the real deal over the weekend. It had to break recessions and deposits in APT as it scuffled with this problem, yet it has now opened them up again as it seeks refunds from druggies who vended the fake Aptos commemoratives. It's hard to say how this may have benefited APT's price, yet the fact that the ultimate has surged since the incident may suggest that the request is relieved and has been resolved.

Anyhow, Aptos steady growth as a platform points to unborn earnings for APT, which can be anticipated to reach $6 by the end of the time. New High Implicit Presale Tokens While APT aesthetics as though it's ready to make up for recent losses, its recovery may depend on advancements to overall request sentiment, which has plodded for thickness this time.

For this reason, any earnings may be gradational over the coming months, so dealers looking for over-average earnings in the short term may have to look away. Presales commemoratives give one good source of request-beating earnings at the moment, with Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC), a new BNB chain-rooted cryptocurrency, being one of the most promising. Offering a stakeable interpretation of bitcoin, BTCBSC has raised over $4.8 million since remonstrating off its trade on the morning of September. important like Bitcoin itself, Bitcoin BSC will have a hard cap of 21 million commemoratives, a point that should make it deflationary.

Interestingly, BTCBSC will also vend during its presale at $0.99, a price that the original Bitcoin had way back in 2011. In other words, investors are being drawn to Bitcoin BSC by the occasion to make up for having missed out on BTC the first time around. Millions of Bitcoin BSC will be available for heists during the presale, with the rest reserved for staking prices. This means that holders will be able to earn a unresistant income from the commemorative, with interested parties able to snare some early by going to the sanctioned Bitcoin BSC website and connecting their software holdalls.

BNB Smart Chain DEX will be the first trading platform to list Bitcoin BSC once its trade ends, and from there other exchanges are likely to add their support, pushing the new commemorative well beyond its trade price of $0.99. Visit Bitcoin BSC Now.

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According to the founder, only half of the user assets were secure in the $200 million Mixin Network hack. The founder of Mixin Network addresses a $200 million hack, claiming that only half of user assets are safe.

In a livestream, Mixin Network founder Feng Xiaodong addressed the $200 million hack, stating that they could initially ensure the security of only half of its users' assets.

Mixin Network revealed a massive hack on its cloud service provider's database earlier today, compromising users' assets worth $200 million.

"We will ensure that half of your assets are unaffected, regardless of whether they are Bitcoin or Ethereum."

"We are trying to find a way to recover the stolen funds, but it is extremely difficult," Feng explained.

Feng also revealed that the damaged assets were mostly Bitcoin core assets, while assets like BOX and XIN were unaffected.

Mixin Network Is Thinking About Issuing "Bond Tokens"Mixin Network is considering issuing "bond tokens" that users can claim for the remaining assets affected by the breach, with plans to repurchase them in the future.

Furthermore, the company intends to set up a new system to host user assets, presumably with improved security measures.Mixin Network temporarily suspended deposit and withdrawal services in response to the hack.

The incident prompted an investigation, with blockchain security firm SlowMist assisting in the investigation.According to SlowMist, the attack was directed at the Mixin Network cloud service provider database.

These developments have had an impact on Mixin's native token, XIN, which has dropped 9% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at $193, according to CoinGecko data.

As Mixin Network deals with the fallout from the security breach, users are looking for updates and solutions to secure their assets and restore trust in the platform's security measures.

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Upbit, a Korean cryptocurrency exchange, has resumed APT withdrawals.

Upbit, a cryptocurrency exchange, has resumed Aptos withdrawals after resolving a scam token issue.

After a temporary halt caused by a scam token infiltration, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit has resumed Aptos (APT) deposits and withdrawals.

The Korean exchange abruptly halted Aptos withdrawals and deposits on September 24 due to a "abnormal deposit attempt," prompting an immediate investigation into their wallet system.

The problem was caused by a newly created fraudulent APT token called "," which managed to infiltrate 400,000 Aptos wallets shortly after its launch on September 21.

This forgery is thought to be part of a typical token airdrop scam, which entices users with free tokens that contain malicious links that redirect them to phishing websites.

Upbit Identified Fake Aptos Tokens as Genuine Aptos Tokens

Upbit is blunder can be traced back to a failure to properly verify the source code of these counterfeit tokens.

As a result, the exchange mistakenly recognized the forged tokens as genuine Aptos tokens.

Because of this error, users who sold the fraudulent APT tokens were able to profit at the expense of others.

In response, Upbit is customer service has begun the process of requesting refunds from those who sold the fraudulent tokens.

Upbit confirms the reinstatement of APT deposits and withdrawals.

After completing a thorough wallet inspection on September 24 at 11:00 PM local time, Upbit confirmed the resumption of deposits and withdrawals.

The South Korean crypto exchange assured its users that their Aptos transactions were secure, despite potential processing delays and temporary price fluctuations in APT tokens in comparison to other exchanges.

According to CoinGecko data, APT is currently trading at $5.44, up 6.54% in the last 24 hours.

GLMR is listed on Upbit.

The addition of GLMR trading support, including the GLMR/BTC trading pair, has been announced by a Korean crypto exchange.

Later today, the platform will accept GLMR deposits exclusively from the Moonbeam Network.

This announcement had an immediate impact on GLMR's value, with the token surging to around $0.23, a 35% increase in just the last 24 hours.

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California Revisits strict Licensing for Crypto Businesses with New Bill AB 39 With the introduction of Bill AB 39, California reintroduces stringent licensing requirements for cryptocurrency businesses.

California is once again taking steps to tighten crypto regulation, with the introduction of AB 39 on Tuesday.

The bill follows a previous attempt in February 2022, when the state introduced AB 2269. The previous bill also proposed stringent licensing requirements for companies engaging in digital financial transactions with California residents. It also sought to impose significant reporting and operational responsibilities on such entities, similar to New York's BitLicense.

What Does AB 39's Key Provisions Mean for Bitcoin Adoption in the United States?

Governor Newsom vetoed the previous legislation in September 2022, claiming that it was too soon and that a more transparent regulatory environment was required. This would allow for a balance of innovation and consumer protection, especially given the rapidly changing federal rules governing digital assets.

The industry had prepared for temporary regulatory relief, anticipating collaborative efforts between state and federal agencies. However, the reintroduction of AB 39 indicates that California is taking a different path.

The newly introduced AB 39 states that beginning July 1, 2025, no one may engage in or claim to engage in digital financial asset business activity with California residents unless they meet certain conditions.

These conditions include being licensed, having a license application pending, or being exempt from all licensing requirements. The legislation broadly defines "digital financial asset business activity," which includes activities such as exchanging, transferring, or storing digital assets such as Bitcoin.

The bill includes specific provisions that classify stablecoins as digital assets. It also specifies various regulatory obligations for businesses that deal with stablecoins. According to the new California Financial Code sections, businesses must keep detailed records for all digital financial asset activities for a period of five years from the date of the activity.

AB 39 empowers the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) to investigate licensees and enforce the legislation. The DFPI has the authority to take action against both licensees and non-licensees who violate the provisions of AB 39 or other applicable California laws. The bill also empowers the DFPI to levy civil penalties for such violations.

The legislation requires companies to disclose various fees and charges before engaging in digital financial asset activities with any California resident. This includes how these fees will be calculated if they are not predetermined.

Some people are concerned about the bill because of some of its vague provisions.

For example, it allows the DFPI to take enforcement action against someone who "is about to engage" in digital financial activities without specifying what that means.

This ambiguity could pose a risk for new businesses looking to set up shop in California, contradicting Governor Newsom's earlier call for a transparent regulatory environment.

In short, AB 39 is gaining traction as a possible candidate for approval this year. Entities involved in the digital financial asset sector, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, should carefully review the bill to understand its implications for their operations.

As this new legislative effort unfolds, it is clear that California is making another attempt to establish a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry, which could have far-reaching implications for Bitcoin adoption and crypto regulation in the United States.

While the government is attempting to protect consumers, the ambiguity in some of its provisions may pose difficulties for businesses looking to operate in the digital financial asset space.

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Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer Stays Optimistic Amid SEC Battles Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer Stays Optimistic Amid SEC Battles

Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer is remarkably optimistic despite two ongoing battles with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Paul Grewal has expressed optimism about both cases, claiming that they could have a lasting impact on the entire industry.

“We’re optimistic that that’s also going to help shape the landscape and bring clarity for all of us that I think we all desperately need,” he said during a recent conversation with Blockchain Association CEO Kristin Smith at Messari's Mainnet conference.

Grewal emphasized that the court's ruling that the SEC's jurisdiction over the crypto industry is relevant to the case was an encouraging sign.

He also claimed that the lawsuit is an indication of the SEC's stance towards the entire digital assets and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

"The case against Coinbase is really a case against digital assets and crypto more generally."

According to Grewal, recent court decisions in crypto-related cases, such as those involving Grayscale and Ripple, have already yielded positive results.

Numerous judges across the country have shown a healthy skepticism towards the SEC's approach to regulating the industry, their legal theories, and the evidence presented to support their claims of authority over the crypto space.

However, it's important to note that the SEC's cases against Grayscale and Ripple are not yet fully resolved.

The agency plans to appeal the July decision in favor of Ripple, and the ruling regarding Grayscale's rejected application for a spot Bitcoin ETF only requires the SEC to review the application again rather than mandating its acceptance.

Judge Has Until October to Respond to Coinbase's Motion

Last month, Coinbase officially filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from the SEC.

The exchange's main argument is that it does not offer investment contracts, a special type of securities, as defined by decades of Supreme Court cases and other legal precedents.

He accused the SEC of abusing its discretion, violating due process, and abandoning its own interpretations of the securities laws.

Furthermore, Grewal said the SEC had overstepped its authorities set by Congress by ignoring other binding legal precedents.

The exchange's motion in the case is under review by the SEC until the first week of October. The presiding judge will then determine whether a full jury trial is necessary.

Back in March, the SEC issued a Wells Notice to Coinbase, signaling a potential lawsuit.

Despite the warning, the company took a proactive approach and filed a lawsuit against the agency to compel the SEC to establish clear regulations for the cryptocurrency industry.

In June, the SEC followed through with its notice and sued Coinbase, accusing the platform of operating as an unregistered securities exchange, broker, and clearing agency. However, Coinbase firmly denies these allegations.

As of late, Coinbase has ramped up efforts to bring about positive changes in US legislation in the crypto sector.

Earlier this week, the exchange launched a new media campaign, encouraging people who are interested in crypto to contact their congressional representatives through its platform to let them know crypto regulation clarity is an important issue for them.

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Rolling Stone Calls NFTs “ Completely empty, ” Sparks Diverse Community response Rolling Stone Calls NFTs “ Completely empty, ” Sparks Diverse Community response  

A new report shows that 95 of mainstreamnon-fungible commemoratives( NFTs) have recorded plunging values with numerous now nearly empty.  

On Sept 20, media outlet Rolling Stone stressed a report by dappGambl “ Dead NFTs The Evolving Landscape of the NFT Market ” an analysis that explains why utmost NFTs have dropped in values without posting significant traction in the once months.  Per the report, out of 73,257 NFT collections anatomized, a stunning 69,795 totaling 95 would not earn a single bone in the present request. These ‘ fully empty ’ commemoratives are held by about 23 million investors. 

 The story has sparked several responses across digital asset spaces with numerous in support of the analysis as they're part of the 23 million druggies who enjoy the empty commemoratives.  Several crypto suckers nominated the development as worrisome, agreeing that their means are empty.

“ Do people indeed buy these? ” “ That’s such a spectacular fall, ” they added.  Others simply blamed the marketing of NFT systems as the major reason why numerous feel disappointed in the present reality and limited use cases in addition to hype leading to a swell in token prices. 

 On the wise side,pro-NFT uses stressed inconsistencies in Rolling Stone's station over the times after a stoner dug up an composition on their point from November 2021 promoting a wearied Ham Yacht Club Collection( BAYC).  Others editorialized that the crypto downtime affected the price of NFTs and a major reversal might do as effects get better.  

“ Some will make a comeback. Some will go up 1000 because of bull. People will get frenetic again that pixels are worth millions. ”  Is there stopgap for a answer? NFTs are drowning  The buzz of NFTs in 2021 attracted several adopters to blockchain technology as the niche was relatively different from the payment service model of traditional digital means. 

 As further systems got mainstream, trading volumes of NFTs surged over$ 17 billion during the bull run in 2021 but has remained a shadow of itself.  The crypto downtime which has tensed the request has been raised as a factor as numerous say the decline in operation and total values locked on decentralized operations( dApps) is a major reason for the status quo. 

 Making matters a little worse for NFTs is the ecosystem recording lower demand as the stressed report notes that a bare 21 of the collection has full power with the bulk unsold.  “ systems that warrant clear use cases, compelling narratives, or genuine cultural value are chancing it decreasingly delicate to attract attention and deals, ” the report added.  While it remains unknown if utmost NFTs will make a answer, NFT bulls cleave to a rejuvenescence in the wider request as a bolster for their precious means. 

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Next Pepe Coin Akan Membuat Crypto Millionaire? Wall Street Memes Presale Berakhir dalam 4 Hari Next Pepe Coin Akan Membuat Crypto Millionaire? Wall Street Memes Presale Berakhir dalam 4 Hari

Ketika penghitungan mundur untuk penutupan pra-penjualan Wall Street Memes ($WSM) berakhir, Wall Street memes muncul sebagai prospek investasi yang telah menjadi semakin langka: koin meme dengan janji yang dapat diandalkan pengembalian substansial.

Dengan hanya empat hari yang tersisa sebelum proyek meme generasi berikutnya ini beralih dari fase pra-penjualan yang sangat sukses ke daftar pertukaran terpusat Tier 1 (CEX), keprihatinan menyatu dengan peluang dalam proposisi yang menarik yang tidak boleh diabaikan oleh investor serius.

: Lebih dari $ 25 Juta Dikumpulkan Selama Wall Street Memes ($ WSM) Presale

Dalam dunia yang kompleks dan membingungkan dari koin meme, momentum di balik proyek seringkali memprediksi kesuksesan dan umur panjangnya di masa depan.

Dalam hal ini, Wall Street Memes tidak hanya memasuki arena; ia telah membuat debut yang menghancurkan bumi.

Dengan lebih dari $ 25 juta berhasil dikumpulkan selama presale, Wall Street Memes siap untuk menjadi salah satu peluncuran koin meme yang menonjol pada tahun 2023.

Tahapan finansial yang signifikan ini diperkuat lagi oleh skala dan antusiasme komunitasnya yang terus berkembang, karena proyek ini sekarang membanggakan pengikut yang berdedikasi dari lebih dari satu juta pendukung - masing-masing seorang penginjil potensial untuk token WSM $ dan katalis yang mungkin untuk kinerja pasar pada debut Tier-1 CEX yang akan datang.

Ini telah didorong sebagian oleh kampanye pemasaran yang mengesankan oleh ekosistem Wall Street Memes, dengan angka-angka seperti analis pra-penjualan crypto terkemuka Jacob Crypto Bury yang menyoroti Wall Street memes bisa menjadi crypto terbaik untuk dibeli hari ini, dengan hanya 4 hari tersisa untuk membeli.

Pengaruh keuangan kripto lainnya berpikir $WSM bisa menjadi koin Pepe berikutnya karena potensi untuk memonetisasi pergerakan saham meme.

Media berita kripto utama juga telah mencakup Wall Street Memes, di antaranya Coingape, Cryptopotato, cryptonews, Analytics Insight, U.Today, Outlook India, Finbold, dan The Coin Republic.

Harga yang menarik dan dukungan institusi: Mengapa Wall Street Memes ($WSM) telah menangkap minat paus

Menambahkan lapisan lain dari daya tarik ke persamaan investasi Wall Street Memes adalah strategi harga pra-penjualan yang dihitung.

Dengan harga pra-penjualan yang kompetitif dan mengundang $ 0,0337 - ditekankan oleh bonus peserta awal sebesar 30% - proyek ini menarik berbagai investor.

Mekanisme harga inovatif ini berfungsi sebagai undangan yang menyambut dan strategi yang disengaja yang bertujuan untuk mendemokratisasi peluang investasi di ruang kripto, dan jelas bahwa pendekatan ini telah disambut dengan antusiasme luas, menarik ribuan investor ritel yang bersemangat untuk menangkap pengembalian awal yang signifikan.

Selain itu, Wall Street Memes telah menarik perhatian dan komitmen keuangan dari paus kripto, termasuk salah satu yang menginvestasikan $ 1 juta yang menakjubkan ke dalam token $ WSM.

Investasi monumental seperti itu berfungsi sebagai dukungan yang kuat, memperkuat potensi pengembalian investasi jangka panjang Wall Street Memes.

Token Allocation dan Staking: Strategi Seimbang untuk Pertumbuhan Berkelanjutan

Wall Street Memes menunjukkan pendekatan yang berorientasi ke depan untuk keberlanjutan jangka panjang dan keterlibatan investor.

Ini telah secara bijaksana mengalokasikan 30% dari total pasokan token untuk hadiah komunitas, bersama dengan 20% yang ditunjuk untuk likuiditas.

50% yang tersisa didistribusikan untuk presale yang sedang berlangsung, yang berakhir hanya dalam empat hari.

Strategi tokenomics yang seimbang ini tidak hanya melayani investor ritel tetapi juga menarik perhatian institusi, sehingga memperluas jangkauan pasar dan memperkuat keterlibatan masyarakat.

Selain itu, Wall Street Memes telah meluncurkan program taruhan ambisius yang menawarkan pengembalian persentase tahunan (APY) hingga 58%, fitur yang tidak hanya menarik tetapi juga mempertahankan minat investor - memberi imbalan kepada pemegang jangka panjang.

Singkatnya, ketika pemasaran pra-Wall Street Memes mendekati tahap penutupan, itu menyajikan peluang investasi dengan nilai langsung dan masa depan.

Apakah Anda terpesona oleh pencapaian penggalangan dana yang belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya, skala dan antusiasme komunitasnya, model harga yang terhitung dengan baik, atau investasi institusi yang telah menarik, Wall Street Memes menawarkan berbagai alasan menarik untuk berinvestasi.

Namun, jendela penutupan pra-penjualan dan pendaftaran CEX Tier-1 yang akan datang membutuhkan tindakan cepat.

Jam sedang mengetuk kesempatan emas ini – kesempatan yang, sekali terlewatkan, mungkin tidak pernah mereplikasi dirinya dengan cara yang sama sekali.

Disclaimer: Crypto adalah kelas aset berisiko tinggi. Artikel ini disediakan untuk tujuan informasi dan tidak merupakan saran investasi. Anda bisa kehilangan semua modal Anda.

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NASA Collaborates with Texas Robotics Firm to Develop Humanoid Robots for Space operations NASA, with its decades of moxie in robotics and space disquisition, has laboriously contributed to the development of Apollo.

Description Houston, TX – NASA has entered into a strategic cooperation with Texas- grounded robotics firm Apptronik,Inc. to advance the development of creatural robots for deployment in space operations. using the modularity and rigidity of Apptronik’s Apollo robot, this collaboration aims to equip astronauts with protean robotic sidekicks for tasks in route, on the moon, and Read further

Houston, TX – NASA has entered into a strategic cooperation with Texas- grounded robotics firm Apptronik,Inc. to advance the development of creatural robots for deployment in space operations. using the modularity and rigidity of Apptronik’s Apollo robot, this collaboration aims to equip astronauts with protean robotic sidekicks for tasks in route, on the moon, and potentially on Mars. These robots could play a vital part in icing the safety and effectiveness of unborn space disquisition trials.

Apptronik’s Apollo robot, standing at 5 ’ 8 ″ altitudinous and importing 160 pounds, has been designed with a keen focus on modularity and rigidity. Its protean design allows it to handle terrestrial tasks similar as logistics, manufacturing, and home healthcare backing. The robot boasts a runtime of roughly four hours per battery pack and a cargo capacity of 55 pounds. specially, the modularity of Apollo enables reprogrammability and physical customization, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.

NASA’s involvement and moxie

NASA, with its decades of moxie in robotics and space disquisition, has laboriously contributed to the development of Apollo. The collaboration has centered on areas similar as robotic mobility and software design principles for safe mortal- robot relations. Shaun Azimi, head of the dexterous robotics platoon at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, emphasized the significance of this cooperation in fostering invention and enhancing robotics technology’s implicit benefits for both terrestrial and space operations.

The deployment of creatural robots like Apollo in space operations holds immense pledge. These robots can take over tedious or dangerous tasks on elysian bodies, ranging from constructing harbors to collecting gemstone samples, allowing astronauts to concentrate on scientific hobbies. likewise, these robots could play a pivotal part in operating and maintaining mining and manufacturing installations on other worlds, reducing charge costs by exercising native coffers.

crucial to sustainable space disquisition

Integrating robots into NASA’s Artemis program could prove essential in establishing a sustainable mortal presence on the moon and, eventually, Mars. The capability to acclimatize and reprogram robots for evolving tasks is critical for long- term operations. By using robots for tasks like disburdening lunar landers, space agencies can enhance charge safety and effectiveness. Different NASA robotics enterprise NASA’s commitment to robotics extends beyond the collaboration with Apptronik.

The CoSTAR design, led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, focuses on conforming commercially available robots to autonomously navigate the grueling terrains of the moon and Mars. The forthcoming Dragonfly charge, set to launch in 2027, will land an independent helicopter on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, in 2034, revolutionizing disquisition capabilities.

NASA’s collaboration with private robotics enterprises aligns with its strategic approach of constricting out private vehicles for space operations, analogous to its cooperation with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for spaceflights. This approach not only revitalizes the space assiduity but also results in significant cost savings for NASA. lawyers argue that using the maturity of the private robotics assiduity is a logical step for advancing space robotics.

The collaboration between NASA and robotics enterprises like Apptronik is anticipated to yield broader profitable benefits. analogous to how the Apollo program drove semiconductor development in the United States, advancements in robotics technology for space operations are likely to have far- reaching impacts. The technologies developed for space disquisition can find operations in independent vehicles, manufacturing, and colorful other sectors, eventually serving society as a whole.

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Di Jepang Kini Startup Bisa Mengumpulkan Dana dengan Crypto. Pemerintah Jepang telah menyusun kebijakan baru yang bertujuan untuk mendukung peluncuran dan merangkul cryptocurrencies. Menurut aturan baru, startup akan diizinkan untuk menawarkan cryptocurrency alih-alih saham ketika memasuki investasi dari keuangan investasi, membuatnya lebih mudah bagi perusahaan untuk meningkatkan keuangan.

Langkah ini adalah bagian dari masalah negara yang lebih luas untuk meningkatkan ekosistem incipiency.

Kebijakan baru akan berlaku untuk investasi terbatas hookup (LPS) yang berinvestasi dalam sekuritas yang dikeluarkan oleh startup. Ini akan memungkinkan startup untuk mendiversifikasi sumber dukungan mereka dan memberikan opsi lebih lanjut bagi investor.

Jepang dan peternakan canggih lainnya berusaha menangkap China, yang berada di jalur perlombaan global untuk mengembangkan mata uang digital bank sentral (CBDC) dan telah meningkatkan keringatnya akhir-akhir ini.

Keputusan pemerintah Jepang untuk memungkinkan startup untuk meningkatkan keuangan dengan kripto dapat dilihat sebagai langkah menuju merangkul media digital dan menjaga kecepatan dengan negara-negara lain di wilayah tersebut.

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Apakah Harga Shiba Inu (SHIB) Akan Meledak di Q4 2023?

Shiba Inu tidak diragukan lagi adalah salah satu cryptocurrency yang paling eksplosif. Rally-nya cenderung tiba-tiba dan tak terduga, tetapi kenyataannya adalah bahwa kita belum melihatnya dalam beberapa saat.

Dengan Q3 berakhir, menarik untuk mengeksplorasi bagaimana harga SHIB akan tampil di kuartal terakhir 2023. Untuk ini, kami menjangkau AI favorit dunia - ChatGPT.

Akankah Harga Shiba Inu (SHIB) Meledak di Q4?

Kinerja SHIB dalam tiga bulan terakhir tahun ini akan tergantung pada banyak faktor, menurut ChatGPT.

Tepat dari bat, AI mencatat bahwa sentiment pasar yang lebih luas kemungkinan akan memiliki pengaruh

Sentimen investor memainkan peran penting dalam pergerakan harga cryptocurrency. Berita positif, dukungan dari tokoh berpengaruh, atau kegembiraan masyarakat dapat menyebabkan peningkatan permintaan dan harga.

Selain itu, ChatGPT percaya bahwa adopsi cryptocurrency dalam aplikasi dunia nyata dan kemitraan dengan berbagai bisnis dapat berpotensi mendorong permintaan untuk itu dan, oleh ekstensi – harganya.

Menariknya, ini juga pendapat seorang ahli komunitas yang menggunakan X handle Shib Informer. Seperti yang dilaporkan CryptoPotato baru-baru ini, dia mengatakan bahwa menjaga biaya rendah akan membantu membuat orang menggunakan jaringan tanpa merasakan dampak besar pada keuangan mereka.

ChatGPT juga mencatat bahwa kemajuan teknologi di ekosistem dapat berdampak pada harga SHIB di masa depan.

Perlu dicatat bahwa tim baru-baru ini meluncurkan jaringan layer-two Shibarium yang sangat diharapkan.

Melampaui tren pasar, sentiment, dan kemajuan teknologi, chatbot berbasis AI juga menggambarkan bahwa tokenomics SHIB memiliki dampak besar pada harganya.

Dinamika penawaran dan permintaan Shiba Inu sangat penting. Setiap perubahan dalam tokenomics, seperti membakar token atau menerapkan mekanisme taruhan, dapat mempengaruhi nilai token.

Bahkan, membakar token memiliki dampak besar pada harga SHIB karena mengurangi pasokan yang tersedia dan, secara default, membuat koin yang tersisa kurang.

Bagaimanapun, masa depan harga SHIB tetap tidak pasti seperti sebelumnya, karena banyak perkembangan berada di pipa. Apakah ini akan mempengaruhi nilai pasar token, bagaimanapun, adalah sesuatu yang masih harus kita lihat.

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Prediksi Harga XRP Saat Ripple Labs Buka Hub Liquidity di Brasil dan Australia

Ripple Labs, pencipta XRP Ledger yang terdesentralisasi dan penerbit mata uang kripto yang mendorongnya, memperluas platform Liquidity Hubnya ke Australia dan Brasil.

Liquidity Hub Ripple berfungsi sebagai layanan manajemen likuiditas aset digital perusahaan fintech AS yang ditawarkan kepada perusahaan besar.

Platform ini mendukung layanan di BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC dan BCH, serta sekarang USDT dan USDC, tetapi belum menyediakan XRP.

Sementara Ripple belum menjelaskan mengapa ia belum menawarkan XRP di platform Liquidity Hubnya, fakta bahwa perusahaan fintech terus memperluas bisnis globalnya adalah tanda yang baik untuk adopsi XRPs yang lebih luas.

Karena semakin banyak perusahaan mulai menggunakan paket produk likuiditas alternatif Ripple, lebih banyak kemungkinan akan beralih ke layanan Liquidity On-Demand yang didukung oleh XRP, yang harus meningkatkan permintaan XRPs dalam jangka panjang.

Prognosis harga jangka panjang mungkin tetap bullish, terutama mengingat bahwa Ripple saat ini memiliki keunggulan dalam gugatan yang sedang berlangsung terhadap SEC AS, yang mengajukan tuntutan terhadap perusahaan atas penjualan XRP, yang disebut sebagai sekuritas yang tidak terdaftar.

Namun, dalam jangka pendek, berita tentang gugatan yang sedang berlangsung ini akan terus menekan aksi harga.

Seorang hakim distrik yang memimpin kasus itu memutuskan bahwa XRP tidak selalu menjadi jaminan pada bulan Juli, meskipun SEC telah mengajukan motif untuk banding keputusan, dan keputusan tentang apakah untuk memberikan banding ini belum dibuat.

XRP terakhir berganti tangan dekat dengan $ 0,50 per token, setelah gagal mencoba untuk mendorong di atas 21 dan 200DMA sebelumnya dalam sesi.

Namun, jika XRP dapat melanggar zona resistansi ini, pintu terbuka untuk tes resistensi cepat di area $ 0,56 kemungkinan.

Itu bisa berarti keuntungan jangka pendek yang cepat di wilayah 15% berada di kartu.

Perspektif jangka panjang XRP mungkin kuat, tetapi investor kripto selalu disarankan untuk mendiversifikasi holding mereka.

Satu token yang baru diluncurkan yang akan membuat tambahan yang kuat ke portofolio crypto investor apa pun adalah koin baru yang disebut Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC).

Bitcoin BSC adalah token BEP-20 yang dikeluarkan di Binance Smart Chain tetapi dengan hampir tokenomi yang sama dengan Bitcoin, meskipun bitcoin BSC berakhir kembali ke tahun 2011, ketika Bitcoin diperdagangkan pada $ 1 per token.

Bahkan, token Bitcoin BSC saat ini dijual dalam presale untuk $ 1 masing-masing, dengan lebih dari $ 2 juta sudah ditarik.

Bitcoin BSC memiliki berbagai keunggulan atas Bitcoin – itu lebih hijau berkat konsumsi energi yang lebih rendah dari Binance Smart Chain dan lebih mudah tersedia untuk digunakan dalam ekosistem Keuangan Dekentralisasi yang berkembang Binance.

Selain itu, pemegang Bitcoin BSC dapat mempertaruhkan token mereka untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari penerbitan BTCBSC sesuai dengan jadwal yang sama yang dilakukan Bitcoin pada tahun 2011.

Itu berarti pemegang BTCBSC dapat melihat pengembalian tahunan dua atau bahkan tiga digit jika mereka bertaruh token mereka.

Proyek serupa BTC20 - konsep yang sama persis tetapi diterbitkan sebagai token ERC-20 di Ethereum - mampu dengan cepat menjual $ 6 juta presale dan kemudian mengirimkan keuntungan sebanyak 6x, sementara BTC 20 masih diperdagangkan di atas harga presale $ 1.

Bitcoin BSC adalah kesempatan bagi mereka yang melewatkan BTC20 untuk masuk lebih awal.

Bitcoin BSC dapat melakukan bahkan lebih baik daripada BTC20 mengingat kecepatan transaksi yang lebih cepat dan biaya yang lebih rendah dari Binance Smart Chain, membuat pengalaman perdagangan dan DeFi yang lebih baik.

Investor perlu bergerak cepat, karena target kenaikan hard cap token hanya di bawah $ 4 juta kemungkinan akan segera tercapai.

Beli Bitcoin BSC di sini

Disclaimer: Crypto adalah kelas aset berisiko tinggi. Artikel ini disediakan untuk tujuan informasi dan tidak merupakan saran investasi. Anda bisa kehilangan semua modal Anda.

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Miner Who Received $500,000 Bitcoin Transaction Fee Returns It to Paxos Qadir Ak is the founder of Coinpedia. He has over a decade of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2010. He has also interviewed a few prominent experts within the cryptocurrency space.

Story Highlights Paxos mistakenly paid a $500,000 transaction fee for a $2,000 transfer.

The miner who received the fee decided to return it to Paxos.

Over 50% of Bitcoin's mining energy now stems from renewable sources.

In a surprising turn of events, a blockchain infrastructure firm mistakenly paid an astronomical $500,000 transaction fee for a mere $2,000 transfer. The blunder bewildered many, but the story took an even more unexpected turn when the miner who received the windfall decided to return it to Paxos.

Read all about this below!

An Unexpected Fee Bungle

Recently, the crypto community spotted a Bitcoin transaction that had a fee amounting to approximately $500,000. What made it even more staggering was the fact that this fee was attached to a mere $2,000 transfer. This was vastly disproportionate, given that the average network fee hovered around a mere $2 at the time. Rumors swirled, with some guessing that the excessive fee might have resulted from a mishap—possibly copying and pasting data improperly.

Paxos Admits to the Error

Three days after the curious transaction, Paxos came forward, admitting to the oversight. They made it clear that their servers had caused this financial faux pas. The company stated that all user funds remained secure. Furthermore, they were quick to clarify that the payment giant, PayPal, had no involvement in this blunder, and the mistake rested solely on Paxos’ shoulders.

Read More: PayPal Makes A Game-Changing Leap Into Crypto, Launches PYUSD Stablecoin Powered by Paxos Trust

Miner’s Dilemma and Eventual Resolution

Reacting to the development, the miner who unexpectedly received this windfall voiced their dilemma on the popular social media platform, X. Posing a question to their followers, the miner wondered aloud about the next steps. Many suggested distributing the mistaken fee amongst other Bitcoin miners. Despite this advice, the ethical call prevailed. Verification from Bitcoin explorer Mempool showed that on September 15th, the miner chose to return the entire amount back to Paxos.

A Positive Shift in the Bitcoin Mining Industry

On a broader note, while this episode played out, there’s been a notable positive shift in the Bitcoin mining industry. Bloomberg’s Jamie Coutts shared insights revealing that over 50% of Bitcoin’s mining energy now stems from renewable sources. This commendable transition, which counters the former criticisms of Bitcoin’s environmental impact, comes as miners have been moving away from China after the country’s mining ban in 2021. Coutts pointed out a significant drop in emissions and hinted that the push towards more sustainable energy sources could redefine global energy dynamics.

Also Read: Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bulls On High Alert as Experts Warn of Correction

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MetaMask Snaps untuk memungkinkan pengguna berinteraksi dengan Solana DApps melalui Solflare.

Salah satu pendiri Solflare, Filip Dragoslavic, mengatakan bahwa integrasi tersebut menghilangkan “gesekan” yang menghalangi calon pengguna memasuki ekosistem Solana.

Penyedia dompet Solana Solflare telah mengintegrasikan MetaMask Snaps untuk memungkinkan pengguna MetaMask mengelola portofolio Solana mereka langsung dari dompet kripto populer.

  penyedia dompet solana “melonggarkan hambatan masuk dan penggunaan” ke blockchain Solana dengan integrasi baru. Menggunakan ekstensi yang disebut MetaMask Snaps, Solflare akan memungkinkan pengguna MetaMask berinteraksi dengan berbagai aplikasi terdesentralisasi (DApps) dalam ekosistem Solana.

Menurut Filip Dragoslavic, salah satu pendiri Solflare, “gesekan” dalam memasang dompet baru telah “menghentikan banyak calon pengguna Solana” untuk memasuki ekosistem. “Integrasi ini dapat menjadi pengubah permainan untuk memperkenalkan basis pengguna terbesar di Web3 untuk mencoba Solana dan melihatnya sendiri," tambah Dragoslavic.

Fitur ini dimungkinkan melalui kolaborasi dengan MetaMask Snaps, sebuah cara untuk memperluas fungsionalitas dompet Web3 yang populer. Christian Montoya, pimpinan produk di MetaMask Snaps, mengomentari integrasi tersebut dan mengatakan bahwa memasukkan pengguna MetaMask ke Solana DApps adalah langkah besar menuju “pengalaman pengguna yang lebih lancar.”

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Market CoinEx diduga diretas karena crypto senilai $27 juta dipindahkan Pada 12 September, bursa kripto CoinEx mengalami arus keluar dalam jumlah besar yang tidak normal ke alamat yang tidak memiliki riwayat sebelumnya, sehingga para pakar keamanan mencurigai bursa tersebut telah diretas. Platform keamanan Blockchain Cyvers Alerts memperkirakan kerugian sekitar $27 juta.

Sekitar pukul 13.21. UTC pada 12 September, dompet panas CoinEx yang diketahui mentransfer sekitar 4,947 Ether senilai $7,9 juta pada saat itu, ke akun Ethereum 0x8bf8cd7F001D0584F98F53a3d82eD0bA498cC3dE. Rekening penerima tidak memiliki riwayat sebelumnya sebelum transaksi ini.

Segera setelah transaksi ini, hot wallet CoinEx mulai mentransfer token dalam jumlah besar ke alamat yang sama. Sekitar 408,741 stablecoin DAI, 2.7 juta token Graph (GRT), 29,158 token Uniswap (UNI), dan banyak token lainnya ditransfer dari dompet.

Perusahaan keamanan Blockchain PeckShield melaporkan arus keluar tersebut sebagai hal yang “mencurigakan.” Kepala penelitian CryptoQuant Julio Moreno juga mengklaim bahwa perilaku dompet CoinEx "aneh" karena cadangan Ether "sekarang pada dasarnya nol ETH."

Pada saat publikasi, Coinx belum membuat pernyataan publik mengenai insiden tersebut.

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BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF the 7th application delayed by SEC on Aug. 31

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed an application for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund from global asset manager BlackRock.

BlackRock, a firm with more than $8.5 trillion in assets under management, had a decision on its iShares Bitcoin Trust delayed following an application with the SEC. In June, BlackRock lodged an application for a BTC-backed ETF with Coinbase listed as the planned custodian of the fund’s Bitcoin holdings and the Bank of New York Mellon in charge of its fiat accounts.

BlackRock’s filing outlined the value of the shares in removing “obstacles represented by the complexities and operational burdens involved in a direct investment in Bitcoin.” The ETF delay came after cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investments petitioned to have an SEC decision overturned that had originally denied the listing of its over-the-counter Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) on Aug. 29.

Related: Grayscale wins the court battle, but what does this mean for a spot Bitcoin ETF?

Many in the crypto space suggested the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF backed by BlackRock — as the world’s biggest asset manager — would signal a positive development for adoption. The delay — which allows the SEC another 45 days following publication in the Federal Register to approve, deny or delay the BlackRock application again — puts the next deadline on Oct. 17.

A swathe of Bitcoin ETFs were delayed by the SEC on Aug. 31. The commission designated a longer period to review applications from WisdomTree, Invesco Galaxy, Valkyrie, Bitwise, VanEck and Fidelity.

Magazine: SEC calls ETF filings inadequate, Binance loses euro partner and other news: Hodler’s Digest, June 25 – July 1

Additional reporting by Gareth Jenkinson.

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Price analysis 9/4: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, TON

Bitcoin price is range-bound, but several major altcoins, such as XRP, are showing signs of a potential breakdown.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 09:11:38 +0800 adminblog
VC Roundup: Enterprise blockchain, Bitcoin staking and Web3 pique investors’ interest

Orbital, ZTX, Stroom Network, unshETH and Fxhash highlight the latest funding deals from the world of crypto and blockchain.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 09:11:38 +0800 adminblog
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s alleged wallet addresses released by Arkham

The blockchain analytics firm claims Grayscale is the world's second-largest BTC entity.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 09:11:38 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin short&term holders capitulate as data highlights potential generational buying opportunity

Bitcoin’s current price action leaves much to be desired, but multiple indicators point to what could be a generational buying opportunity for patient investors.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 09:11:38 +0800 adminblog
Riot Platforms says Texas energy strategy reduced production costs by $31M

As Texas baked in the sun, Riot Platforms received two types of monetary credit for being attentive to the grid’s power needs.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 09:11:38 +0800 adminblog
When will it be too late to invest in Bitcoin?

This week’s episode of Market Talks discusses whether it will ever be “too late” to buy Bitcoin and why BTC could take over the financial world.

Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0800 adminblog
No, Bitcoin is not in its ‘longest ever bear market’ — Here’s why

Based on some definitions of a bear market, the current cycle is not the longest crypto winter ever seen and may not even be a bear market.

Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0800 adminblog
GTA owner joins Web3, Bitcoin casino, Sunflower Land review: Web3 Gamer

Grand Theft Auto’s parent company launches new blockchain game. Plus: Bitcoin casino, FarmVille-like Sunflower Land game reviewed, and more.

Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0800 adminblog
Breaking victim ‘trust’ in scammer is key to beat crypto scams, exchanges say

Responsibility for crypto scams does not only belong to the cryptocurrency industry, it also involves banks, telecoms and social media platforms, Australian exchanges say.

Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0800 adminblog
Arkham IDs Robinhood as 5th&largest ETH holder

Arkham Intelligence said the wallet contains approximately $2.54 billion worth of ETH under custody for user balances.

Fri, 01 Sep 2023 02:04:04 +0800 adminblog
The future of BTC mining and the Bitcoin halving

This week’s episode of Market Talks discusses the future of BTC mining and how miners can maximize profits, as well as the upcoming Bitcoin halving and its impact on the mining industry.

Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:03:59 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin&backed property investment becomes new avenue for Cayman Islands residency

Bitcoin financial services firm Ledn’s ties with the Cayman Islands open a doorway for crypto users to use their funds to obtain real estate “golden visas.“

Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:03:59 +0800 adminblog
Is the SEC a bad cop? CoinRoutes CEO Dave Weisberger breaks down crypto regulation in the US

Weisberger believes the structure of the Securities and Exchange Commission needs to change but that politicians are reluctant to do so because of their power within the current state of affairs.

Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:03:59 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin 'overconfidence reigns' but bulls must reclaim $27.8K — Trader

BTC price support is yet to reappear, with Bitcoin bulls too sure of themselves, CryptoCon argues.

Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:03:59 +0800 adminblog
Binance's zero&fee Bitcoin update could echo March downturn

In an official statement, cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveiled its plans to implement updates to the zero-fee Bitcoin trading starting from September 7.

Fri, 25 Aug 2023 03:03:59 +0800 adminblog
How to buy Bitcoin with Cash app

A step-by-step guide to buying Bitcoin on Cash App, including guidance on fees, the auto invest feature and security tips to empower your cryptocurrency investment journey.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:54:20 +0800 adminblog
Ordinals still make up majority of Bitcoin txs despite price collapse

Bitcoin Ordinals appear to be alive and kicking, with nearly 85% of Bitcoin network activity dominated by inscriptions and BRC-20 minting on Aug. 21.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:54:20 +0800 adminblog
On&chain tool to seize crypto is a purist’s nightmare, but a must, says CEO

A United States federal court recently used on-chain tech to lock criminals out of their crypto on the Jurat Network. Founder Mike Kanovitz admits the technology could see hate from crypto purists.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:54:20 +0800 adminblog
HBAR, OP, INJ and RUNE flash bull signals as Bitcoin price looks for stability

Bitcoin is searching for stability in the $25,000 zone. Meanwhile, HBAR, OP, INJ and RUNE price looked primed for further upside.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:54:20 +0800 adminblog
Gryphon Digital seeks court dismissal of Sphere 3D's lawsuit

Gryphon Digital is requesting dismissal from a suit filed by its former partner, Sphere 3D, over a scam-related Bitcoin transfer. According to Gryphon, the incident was caused by Sphere’s security failures.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 16:54:20 +0800 adminblog
Why is the crypto market down today?

The worst week for the cryptocurrency market since November 2022 is coming to an end as its capitalization attempts to stay above $1 trillion.

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 18:50:02 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin Ordinals NFT trading volume tanks 98% since May — DappRadar

Alongside the declining trading volumes, the number of Bitcoin Ordinals transactions dropped by 97% to just 20,571 in mid-August.

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 18:50:02 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin price drops to a two&month low — Did pro traders benefit?

A massive amount of traders were liquidated as the BTC price dropped to $25,300, but was it primarily retail traders that were washed out?

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 18:50:02 +0800 adminblog
Here’s what happened in crypto today

Need to know what happened in crypto today? Here is the latest news on daily trends and events impacting Bitcoin price, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and crypto regulation.

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 18:50:02 +0800 adminblog
Price analysis 8/18: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, MATIC, LTC

Bitcoin and most major altcoins are reeling under intense selling, and charts suggest that the market sell-off is not complete.

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 18:50:02 +0800 adminblog
Crypto mining lobby group to dispel misconceptions in Washington DC: Founder

The crypto mining industry is getting a dedicated lobby group aimed at opening up discussions with lawmakers in Washington.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:48:46 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin price action is beginning to mirror BTC’s 2015&2017 pre&bull market cycle

Bitcoin’s price action and the crypto markets’ structure are beginning to mirror the pre-bull run activity seen in previous years, according to Delphi Digital.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:48:46 +0800 adminblog
Is Bitcoin’s record&low volatility and decline in short&term holders a bull market signal?

Traders believe that Bitcoin’s low volatility is a bull market signal, but their bias could be preventing them from acknowledging potentially negative macro outcomes.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:48:46 +0800 adminblog
Breaking: Binance Connect shutting down on Aug. 16

A spokesperson said the move came in response to “changing market and user needs.”

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:48:46 +0800 adminblog
BTC price can reach $34K as Bitcoin faces support ‘kiss’ — QCP Capital

Bitcoin lacks major volatility catalysts, but a classic support bounce could spark the return of the highest BTC prices in over a year, one analysis predicts.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:48:46 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin price erases FOMC gains as US dollar surges on Q2 GDP print

Bitcoin casts off a U.S. GDP "nothingburger" but DXY charges to two-week highs in what is traditionally a BTC price headwind.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:17:32 +0800 adminblog
Journeys: Hervé Larren on Bitcoin, Apes and the psychology of ‘blue&chip’ NFTs

Hervé Larren’s crypto journey has taken him from luxury goods to Bitcoin mining and back full circle to the world of “blue-chip” NFTs.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:17:32 +0800 adminblog
Crypto&friendly BlackRock starts ‘digital&first’ investment offering in India

As BlackRock reiterates that an optimal investment allocation should include 84.9% BTC, the firm has formed a major investment partnership in India.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:17:32 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin bull run next? Bitfinex stablecoin ratio ‘blows up’ in 2023

A “major leading indicator” for Bitcoin is pointing the way toward a classic repeat of bullish BTC price phases, analysis says.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:17:32 +0800 adminblog
Redditor’s hacked Bitcoin is a lesson on the hidden dangers of paper wallets

“My Bitcoin was taken. How?” A Reddit user thought they were following best practices until two days ago when their Bitcoin wallet was completely cleaned out.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 00:17:32 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin’s dull price action ignites buying interest in LINK, FIL, SNX and THETA

LINK, FIL, SNX and THETA are starting to look bullish right as Bitcoin prepares for a volatile price move.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:21:03 +0800 adminblog
Bitcoin can still hit $19K, warns trader ahead of BTC price ‘big move’

BTC price should see a serious shake-up in the coming days, but Bitcoin market participants are increasingly worried it will be to the downside.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:21:03 +0800 adminblog
SEC reviews Ripple ruling, US bill seeks control over DeFi, and more: Hodler’s Digest, July 16&22

The SEC examines the ruling in the Ripple case, a U.S. Senate bill seeks to regulate DeFi, and the poor performance of altcoins in the second quarter of 2023.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:21:03 +0800 adminblog
Crypto Biz: Binance slashes costs, Ripple ready for US banks and crypto VCs return

This week’s Crypto Biz looks at Binance’s ongoing efforts to curb declining profits, Ripple’s expectation that U.S. banks may soon adopt XRP and the first signs of venture capital returning to crypto.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:21:03 +0800 adminblog
UK court grants appeal from Craig Wright in Bitcoin rights lawsuit

The decision reverses a prior ruling, allowing Craig Wright to appeal a lawsuit claiming copyright to the Bitcoin white paper and database.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 06:21:03 +0800 adminblog